Home Discussion Forum Why is it that I always get the high priestess tarot card?

Why is it that I always get the high priestess tarot card?

everytime i ask the tarot cards what my date feels about me I get high priestess. Its been happening for some time now. What is its meaning? does he think I am a teacher?


  1. Interpretations of the card include intuition, spiritual insight, self-trust,resourcefulness, and emotional stability. Trump cards, especially when they reoccur frequently in your readings often relate to archetypal or karmic type forces. Without knowing the other cards, it is difficult to place how your date feels about you. It could equally be that he views you as resourceful or emotionally stable. Look for supporting cards in your layout – anything that seems to backup and support a specific interpretation of this card.
    Also, see the article “Symbolism: What Does it All Mean?” as it gives some good background information for understanding and interpreting symbols for yourself.

  2. Older decks sometimes called the card “Hera” or “Juno” (the goddess of women and marriage.) I’d say it indicates your date consistently thinks quite well of you as a long-term match!

  3. Hello Obscure
    It will show a few things:
    You have to follow your intuition, so stop asking the cards & listen to your own inner voice.
    Also that there is yet to find out, as the HP only tells on a need to know basis.


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