In Tantra along with other spiritual paths we must ground ourselves with the physical to even have a chance to live a completely conscious life, so what I am asking is why do you see this as necessary?


  • You have some very nice Answers here. Many have answered so eloquently. I will simply say, we are physical as well as spiritual beings….we are Here….we are Now…..right now, I am living on this Earth…it is important to be instep with that….I may not know all the Whys and Wherefores of this spiritual-physical life….but I know the two are both essential parts. One is not supposed to be discounted because of the importance of the other. They work together. When our physical body is in a state of comfort, relaxation and quietude, we are more open to the Spirit. As we invite Spirit into our physical world….there is Magic!….things like Music and Peace and Wisdom and Joy and Love…..In this, You are not Unknown.

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs operates on this premise as well but I believe it is myth. The hierarchy suggests that at the bottom of the pyramid we must take care of basic needs such as food, shelter, water, etc., before we are able to move into higher levels of development and eventually up to “self actualization” or Higher states of awareness or however you like to look at it. The premise is that you cannot go to one until you have overcome or risen above the previous lower level. Call it getting grounded in your humanness.

    I disagree with the entire premise and believe that the very first thing we are is spiritual. In other words, we come to Earth “self actualized” and are conditioned to be human or un-actualized. You’ve probably heard the saying that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Ultimately the physical is not what or who we are. Why ground ourselves to what we are not?

    To say that we cannot become spiritual because we are poor or not grounded is to make spirituality something that only special people (rich, educated, royal, etc.) can attain and I don’t think anyone believes that is the case. it is surely not consistent with any of the great icons of spiritual history. In fact the Buddha left a life of royalty, affluence and wealth to become poor and beg for daily sustenance and yet went on to be “enlightened” as we call it.

    You do not have to be grounded in earth to be spiritual. What you need to do is disconnect from the “earthly” things we consider important and begin to remember that you are already spiritual. In fact you are the god of your experience. You are divine already. If anything, being grounded with the Earth is the reason you have lost the awareness that you are spiritual.

  • From my religious point of view….

    The body (earth/matter) is the only way a spirit can have a fullness of joy. This is why Lds believe God the Father has a glorified body of flesh and bone( and what I think…which may differ from Lds doctrine….is that perhaps we and all things are Him/Her).

    I like to think of earth/matter as the means for creative power. Once this power is put on (like a garment) it has laws. What we sow is what we reap. This garment(body) can only be put on by choice…so whatever we put in the ground knowingly and yield is what we are accountable for under the laws of Justice and Mercy.

  • Simply put, “grounding” is the method of purification. Purification is so important that it is not really an option. If the natural occurrence is not turned towards, the opportunity of being is lost before it even arises in mind. For example, tears are no different from hair growing. Both are utterly natural and point to mind only when only one mind is clear and present. The suffering or the love associated with the very earthly tears may be known with equanimity, which is, the other name for compassion.

    I admit this is not very clear at all even though I first said “simply put”. Well, then maybe it is too simple to be expressed at all. Hopefully someone else will come along and put some clarity to this babble! Thanks. Great question.

  • I don’t know if I came into this world “ungrounded” or out of focus, but with an amazing spiritual desire as well as a wonderful imagination. Finding this “grounding” is rather hard for the ones who have always experienced and felt the spiritual.

    Our past experiences either good, bad, ugly or neutral follow us like a shadow. We take the negative programming and combine it with our own beautiful experiences. If we have to many negatives they tend to overtake an “ungrounded” person.

    We have to be well grounded so we don’t have all those negatives yanking us back into the abyss. We cannot become more conscious of “just being” if we are constantly hanging on to the negatives of the past. When those yokes are removed we are able to live in the present which at this time we are grounded.

    Personally, I have been bombarded with the past and have not been living in the “present”. It is so lovely when the present moments are recognized.

    Peace Mystic.

    Tupelo Honey

  • There is a reason we were born into this physical life.
    This is our starting point, our anchor.
    We cannot just disconnect from the reality we perceive and imagine we are somewhere else.
    To be able to live in the spiritual reality at first we have the develop a completely new mind and emotional system, like completely wiping and changing the operating software of a computer, but we have to do it gradually in a step by step process.
    Until we arrive to the end stage, where we are completely changed we still need this anchor point we can return to in between stages.
    Why is this whole process necessary?
    By progressing from the complete opposite end (this world) to the desired perfect, infinite and eternal end, as we achieve the steps, and the change by our own effort, by our own free choice we understand the whole system we enter into, we understand the intelligent design creating the whole system, and by the end we become equal to the force creating this all.
    The whole process includes the gradual interconnection and fusion of humanity together into a single creature, thus by the end of the process we all become One together with the reality around us, and with the force creating and sustaining the whole reality.
    And we can all achieve this whole development here and now, within this lifetime.
    I hope this and the links below will help, all the best.

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