Why is it in our increasingly scientific age, many people still believe in fate, destiny and astrology?

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like, they require a deity really, to set the paths out, or to give any reason why the stars would affect our lives
so why when many say that there are no gods at all and the rational evidence to show astrology, a load of rubbish (no offence)
i mean these beliefs are thousands of years old, by superstitious ancient people – why do many modern people?
(-_-) – as a matter of fact, i happen to believe in God, but as far as i see, there is no basis in the Christian faith to believe we are destined – i don’t mean to cause offence, but i think its stupid
dazed and confused – i’ve read horoscopes, they are so vague and 99% of the time, they don’t come true – yes you can twist them sometimes, and someone once said not to expect too much of them – i see that as saying that the idea of fate and horoscopes is stupid, unsupported and unreliable.
i am familiar with some of the beliefs about the moon, thats why the word lunatic came into being
i think its much more rational to believe that a God made our universe than stars affecting us
the constellations aren’t really there either – although from our point of view you may be able to make a symbol out of it, not only are the stars far apart on a flat surface, but taking depth into account, some stars are thousands of light years BEHIND another one
moon affecting tides and our bodies is no correlation – one is a physical effect, the other is just superstition you can’t try and draw a parallel to them – thats really grabbing at straws….
i’ve never seen einstein relativity theory applied in that way before…

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Most humans need to feel attached to something…
I don’t like to follow the herd, but rather go my own way

Dharma Nature

Some people just want to feel the universe has a purpose and reason and that their place in it is defined. Life is much more complicated now than it was only 50 years ago so the desire is stronger, if anything.

Mrs. Depp

Some people feel it’s their duty to be the ones to rely on old tradition and beliefs.


People are idiots.

Boris (AKA Bozo)

Superstitions will always be with us, no matter how many times they are disproven.

Dave O

They don’t read enough


Why do you care? Can you just not stand the fact we disagree with you? Do you always have to be right? God help you….


I think to put it short and sweet, people fear change.
Sometimes using gods or deities to look up to is either for support to unknown questions or for a scapegoat.

Jeff Spicoli

It’s easier than learning how the universe really works. It’s also a convenient cop-out. Instead of taking responsibility for themselves, they can blame their mistakes on stars or fate or god or some other such nonsense. In short, it’s the result of laziness.

Jeff (weseye) Wesley

Because they want to believe. It fits their needs to cope with the uncertainties of living.


I wonder the same thing.
But, in their defence, although im sure there is no god i sometimes catch myself wanting to “pray”. some might say that is god trying to communicate with me but i am reasonable enough to know that is not the case. It does feel good to say your thoughts and get it of your own chest as IF someone where listening. Not sure if that answered anything…


well, i don’t believe in any particular religion. but i can feel in my blood that i am destined to be great. i’m not going to be some guy working at mccdonalds, i am going to make a difference in the world. a big difference, and i can feel it.
so if that’s destiny pulling at me, ok, i don’t really know, but i know i feel something powerful.

France 22-13 Scotland

Well, I know some people who dream & that thing comes to pass after some years or months………
Not me………..I only get dreams of falling from a cliff

Dazed and confused

it is ok to knock religion but astrology has more a basis to consider. Our world is affected by tides, our bodies are mostly water, there are more documented strange events during full moons which is a planetary position… that already is more fact than religion


just because you believe all of this it does not make it real.


Fate and destiny are sort of backed up by causation and determinism. I argue there is no free will, only will. People seem to think that their decisions are not determined by cause and effect. I don’t believe in Astrology though.

wild-man of Borneo

Why not?
Look in the real world.
Decode this lyrics ” Girl”
“Lost in love”
“All out of love”
“Don’t know much – about misery”
Why science could not even trace or solve the misery in time?
Luke 6.39-4,41-45,46-49
What do you think?

Dillon S

There’s still uncounted things that can’t be explained.
Define love, the universe, or death in scientific terms, and then I’ll stop believing. No matter how much scientists try to prove them, there will still be unanswered facts.
Faith will always be around. And with a good reason.

craig b

Because people have a deep desire to BELIEVE in something! If it’s not God, then they will pick ANYTHING!

A UU Pagan

Because it is what is right for me. Science isn’t perfect enough to explain every single thing. It is still somewhat limited. I see nothing wrong with honoring god/desses that have been in “existence” since the beginning of man. And as long as I have no bearing on your life, then it shouldn’t matter to you…right?

Daniel K

Because science does not answer many questions, and many of the answers that many scientists give are flawed and unsatisfactory without sufficient evidence and proof. And the answers science gives are constantly changing.
For example in the 70s many scientists thought we were entering an ice age, Now many scientists are rabid proponents of “global warming”.
When my kids were born science insisted that infants should sleep on their stomachs to avoid SIDS. Now they insist that babies should sleep on their backs to avoid SIDS.
The examples of this are endless.
The truth is that in most cases scientists are as clueless as the rest of us and their theories are in a constant state of change.

asdfsa a

Einstein’s relativistic model of space-time (which his simply an an advancement of Newton’s classical mechanics) states that every outcome can be predicted. In other words, our paths are already set in time; we just have to step into them. This model removes all notion of free choice stating that it is just an illusion of time. There are still people that believe in this model. Thus, if this model holds true; there is something in the notion of FATE; an unchangeable outcome.
I don’t believe in this model, i believe in a theistic version of the quantum mechanical model of the universe. But we have to respect those great scientist who live by the Newton-Einstein model.


Since Muhammad Era, just for comparison,
There are vast and increasing knowledge of science.
But none of Muslim denied destiny and fate.
For us, we can change SOME of our fate with free will.
For Astrology,
Muslim didn’t believe in them.
One of the first distinction between Astronomy and Astrology has been done by Medieval Muslim scientist where he describe that Astrology is non-sense. Astronomy have scientific procedure while Astrology is not scientifically accurate and didn’t have empirical reason.
Thanks to Medieval Muslim Scientist!

Innocent Victim

Because the state of science education in the US is abysmal.


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