Why is it impossible that humans have created crop circles?

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Sorry if im being ignorant, im still at school and have been looking on the internet about crop circles…i know people say that some crop circles cannot possibly have been made by humans, they are too big/too complex to make or design…but SURELY it IS possible to make or design them. ok so it could take you years to perfect the design or whatever, but i cannot understand how it is absoulutely impossible to create.
nothing is impossible 😀
…and any other thoughts you have on crop circles??

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totally possible!
the farmers can plant around a giant circle, or just cut a circle with a plow

Todd V

Watched a show one time where a bunch of guys in England admitted they were doing it and showed how to do it in videos. They even aired it on TV there.
Definately its nearly impossible to say that something could “never be created by humans”. We have broken the sound barrier, been to the moon and back and today’s computers are bordering on independent though…….what is really impossible?

Kay T

It might be difficult, but certainly not impossible. Two men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley have admitted to creating many of the crop circles.
Since they have appeared in places other than England, I imagine there have been plenty of copycats.

Loren S

not sure but i think it has to do with the precision of the circles.


The idea that a crop circle is too complex to be created by people is silly. Look at all of the other things that people create that are much more complicated than crop circles: large buildings, airplanes, computers, transportation systems, space probes, novels, mathematics, hydroelectric dam projects and so forth.
A crop circle is trivial compared to any of these.

Tom S

To make patterns in crops/plants by mashing them down with boards or your feet is quite possible for a person to do. Now do it without any damage to the plants and interwoven, and make it really big and do it in a matter of minutes.


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