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why is it impossible for matter to move Faster-than-light? you know spacecrafts and such?

That’s means that all the science fiction stuff will never happen.
We will never leave the solar system (humanity)
I tried to do some research on the subject but found it too difficult for me to handle.
What are?
Casimir vacuum and quantum tunnelling
Space-time, Warp Drive
What about Wormholes is there any thing real about it?
Just wondering…


  1. All that stuff is science fiction.
    Perhaps, someday, someone will find a way to travel faster than light, right now it seems unlikely. The speed of light is the speed of pure energy. Any amount of mass must move more slowly than pure energy.
    The one possible exception is that gravity waves seem to travel instantaneously over infinite distances. I don’t think this is well understood. I’m not sure if it has actually been documented or is just theoretical. I can’t think of a way that this could even be tested.

  2. Theoretically once the matter attains the velocity of light its mass will become infinity which is impossible. Practically it could not be proved

  3. Consider a few things:
    1. We have already left the solar system in many ways. We have probes that left the system decades ago.
    2. Our instruments learn from distant galaxies. We can view our neighboring star with detail and have found planets.
    3. Though you list things that are considered “fiction”, consider that automobiles and spacecraft were also considered fiction at one time.
    Dream on!

  4. To physically travel the distances involved for interstellar travel is impossible. The only option I see is for us one day to learn how to fold space-time.
    Example: Take a piece of paper one mile long. To travel from a point on one end to the other is a long trip. But, If you fold the paper so the two points touch, travel is almost instananeous.
    see the site below regarding Steven Hawkings views.


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