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why is it important to keep "personal experience" to yourself in astral protection?


  1. there are 2 different opposing theology on keeping personal testimony sacred or to Share it openly.
    one example teaches not to cast pearls before swine!
    the other example teaches that both the blood of christ and “testimony” overcomes the beast.
    another way to look at this is the parable of the talents.
    to the person who is given ONE talent and buries it in the earth, the Lord rebukes and says take away the talent and give it to the one who who had ten talents. (there are two versions of this parable and the other version only says 5 talents.)
    while i understand that one should not cast anything sacred to swine, i also understand that ALL of us are either swine at one time or saints all the time. therefore when i was the “scum” of the earth, i was delivered into the revelation of the Lord and i became born again. now once i was swine I am not a total loser, if the LORD would by direct revelation call me to the “priesthood”.
    people who would be saints, are often born as swine.
    as for testimony, i am sharing real time progression in faith and experience. if astral progression is what i experience, i should share it with others who might understand or need to understand.
    things happen in the spirit among the born again that the bible Does NOT define. Forever. therefore experience must be shared to learn more and to understand more.
    not all things are forbiden in the sharing of testimony.
    Another factor to understand, if the Lord gives a man a gift He should not conceal it. He should edify the Lords people who are true believers, if at all possible. before he is become a martyr.
    there are some false misconceptions in every church and in every tradition about testimony. the pendulum swings both left and right ttrue and false.


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