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Why is it considered feeble-minded to believe that the Universe has intelligence, consciousness?

It gave rise to life and consciousness – we ARE a part of the Universe. To claim that we are the rational masters of the Universe and whatever cause governs it to the point where you believe it is rational to say that no possible creator could exist seems to me extremely narrow-minded. To believe that the Big Bang theory is any less vague than every creation myth, foolhardy; it doesn’t explain the Why, yet it is constantly touted as the Big Why.


  1. You are overstating what is claimed for the Big Bang. All it does is close some of the gaps where a god can hide.
    Even if there is a God there is no reason to believe that he needs or wants our worship or even cares if we acknowledge his existence.

  2. Is it not more ridiculous to let one being claim the whole universe as his creation based on a book the creator did not even write?

  3. Man can not look far enough back to determine when the universe was started but we are still trying to find out what realy caused it’s existence . It is just too vast and full of objects to have been imagined into being .

  4. It’s not. What’s considered feeble-minded is the belief that a magic man in the sky poofed everything into existence in a single week a few thousand years ago.
    Atheists don’t claim that humans are the masters of the universe. That’s another one of the lies churches tell about us. We acknowledge that we’re just one more life form on an insignificant planet in a corner of an insignificant galaxy. It’s the religious who claim that the entire universe exists for the benefit of humans.
    We don’t say that no possible creator could exist, we say that since we have seen no evidence of any such thing there is no reason to believe in one.
    The Big Bang is only vague to those who know very little about it.
    Do you need to invent a god in order to believe that your personal existence was divinely ordained? Isn’t that more arrogant than anything you think atheists believe?

  5. It is dumb to believe the universe has intelligence because you base you assumptions on non facts and cultural indoctrinations.

  6. Who are these people constantly touting it as the “Big Why?” This is something I’ve studied quite a bit, and I’ve not run into the phrase, “The Big Why” until right now.
    I’d like some names, please.

  7. It’s not narrow minded at all, it’s what can and cannot be observed. The BB is not vague, there’s a large body of evidence to support it. Whether it’s really true is not as important as it giving us something to test and as we learn more about it, we can modify our understanding. Then perhaps someday it will leads us to that higher intelligence or whatever may be out there.

  8. you are on the right track; neither camp has it right and both are just as ideologically dogmatic as the other. There is a Divine Mind and we are part of it, just as is the earth and all that is.

  9. If the God created the universe, then again the question is who or what created God? If you assume that God has always existed, then it is reasonable to assume that the universe has always existed.
    Or, none exists and this is only a dream. When the end comes: You will awaken to find out the truth.

  10. Well said.
    Unfortunately, for those who do not perceive this rationality, I’m afraid no argument can make a good point.

  11. Belief in a Creator is not in the least bit feeble minded. There is no reason to lend an ear to another group, whose opinion of themselves is not, shall we say, unduly modest.

  12. There is nothing wrong with considering that the world has intelligence, but it is silly to believe that it is a magical fairy.

  13. The big bang says how, not why. Life is itself a reason, for many there is no need for more reason. For those who need more then they create god to give a reason why. That doesn’t make it real, but it might give you some comfort.


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