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Why is it bad for a psychic medium to smoke?

I know smoking is bad for everyone, But I have a medium friend, who says she experiences bad things when she smokes. More than what usual people experience. But she wont tell me why its so different for her than the average person. Does anyone know why? serious answers only PLEASE.


  1. Phsycic experiences can be transferred through a clean, clear, strong aura -the energy field surrounding the body which is visable only either through kirlian photography or through the eyes of someone who has a natural phsycic ability to see it.
    One of the many things which can subtley cause damage to the aura is intoxication.
    When there is damage to the aura, it can be rectified by certain subtle therapies and disciplines.
    However, bad energies enter throught the ‘holes’ in the aura and disturb the mind and health also.
    Persons working in phsycic fields have to employ certain means to protect themselves and their auras from negative subtle energies.
    Hope that explains something.

  2. because smoking affects the brain often causing discomfort and daydreaming
    if shes smoking dubys than shes hallucinating
    if shes smoking normal cigs or cigars shes probably losing oxygen to her brain and hallucinating
    OR if shes smoking ANY hallucinogen than brain cell loss and brain disease can be the culprit
    but it might also be a lung disease lose a little bit of lung oxygen cut off to the brain making them go crazy explain some of the medium stuff

  3. Because she’d loose all credibility if she admitted nicotine makes her light headed. If she truely believed in her mediuming, then she could well have convinced herself what she experiences is worse than everyone else. A lo of the sensations are due to expectation rather than chemical effect (i.e. psychologists have got people drunk on alcohol free beer…)

  4. Hello Rad
    Is it?
    If your friend experiences bad things when she smoke, what is she smoking?
    All experiences will come to her because she believes they will come, at some stage she has been given that belief & her subconscious has linked into it.
    Being a cigarette smoker or not will not enhance, nor diminish any psychic ability.


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