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Why is it a 'sin' to use magick?

I don’t understand what the bad thing is about it that the bible basically damns all sorcerers and magick. It can be used for good and it’s just a manipulation of the energies around us is it not?


  1. The problem with your “magick” is that it could be viewed as a competing religion, that’s why everyone views Paganism as bad, the Church mounted a negative PR campaign against it.

  2. The idea stems from ancient Greek and Roman beliefs. These had to make way in medieval times for Christianity, which was all the rage. Greek and Roman religions had many gods and goddesses and involved fortunetelling and all sorts of “magick”. These had to die out because suddenly, a new religion was in town and they obviously couldn’t be the magic of strange gods and goddesses that could not exist. So, the old became frowned upon and banished and Christianity worked its way in. If you’ve ever read about Merlin and King Arthur, the story is a myth that transitioned the ancient Roman beliefs to Christianity. Merlin was a magician created by Queen Mab and eventually, everyone forgot about her and she lost her power (after MANY attempts by her to stop this new religion). Hence, the old was gone and replaced by the church.

  3. Magick or magic is very harmless because it doesn’t exist in the real world. Gandalf and Harry Potter are characters in books. In the dim and distant past people believed in magic because they couldn’t find any other explanation for some of the things that happened in the natural world around them.

  4. Its not a sin there as many lies in that book as truths.
    Divination really only means gossip and ruining someones reputation. Go ahead and study the wicca and shamanism paths, you may find it really works. As for the bible, who really wrote it. There are so many laws in it its binding. Makes me kind of wonder who really wrote what. Anyway a living god is life and spirit and truth. persue that. let the dead take care of the dead.

  5. I don’t consider the use of magick to be a sin, and doubt the concept of original sin. Did not Jesus perform miracles, and how many instances of magick can be found in the Bible? As I see it the naysayers only acknowledge belief in their own magick, disowning those that came before them.

  6. i really do not know either 🙁 i am just really confused right now, cause my aunt and cousin are wanting and saying that “witch craft is okay” my parents say its evil, and i DO want to be a Christian, (i have been all my life, and i love God) but there is something that pulls me to witch craft and wicca…

  7. According to Christanity it is. But according to Christanity what isn’t. Wicca for example doesn’t believe in the devil so to us its not.
    Wicca is an earth based religion that worships the Gods and Goddess as well as the cycles of the earth and balance. Except good and evil we believe that these are man made concepts and don’t exist in nature No cosmic Good or Evil beings.
    Wiccans do use magic but its not necessary. Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is the use of magick. We believe in no harm done meaning we do nothing magick or otherwise with the intent of harm. We also believe in the rule of 3 which means that what ever you do ,good or bad with magick or not , comes back to you x3. This is also known as Karma. Anyone that tells you they can escape or stop the rule of 3 or karma is lying to you and themselves.
    We don’t follow any doctrine such as the bible, but there is somethings that a good wiccan should know like: the Wiccan Rede, 13 goals, general beliefs, Charge of the God and the Charge of the Goddess… We have 8 sabots a year that are in tune with the cycles of the earth such as the solstice, and equinox. These focus on the God while the esabbats new and or full moons, focus on the Goddess.
    We use tools like: athames (ritual knifes), wands, pentacles, ect.. to draw and direct energy. These are only tools and a representation of energy. Since we as humans can’t hold pure energy these, along with symbols, help us use energies.
    There are many different types of wiccans. Such as Traditional, eceletic, solitary, coven. Traditional is usually in a coven with strict rules such as Alexandrian or Gardener. Eceletic is one that doesn’t follow any coven rules they find what works for them and incorporated that and kinda make there own magic. A solitary works usually alone as opposed to a coven that works together. However sometimes they may work with other solitaries or gather to celebrate a Sabbath.
    A Book of Shadows (BoS) is a witches/ wiccans journal for spells, experiences, herbs, knowledge, ect… My Book of shadows is pretty extensive form the things I mentioned to herb and incense guide, astrological calendar, spells, divination tarot, runes, omens, palm reading, astronomy, experiences, writings, dream journal, what I call an archive sections with letters from people in my past, a news paper article with my dad being a hero in it and an auto bio form my great great uncle. and more. Its took me a long time to develop it. It got so big I had to but it in a 100CD case and still had to put some of it into a separate binder. Your book of shadows could be a simple note book to a normal binder. I keep all the papers in paper protectors to preserve them.
    Traditional it takes a year and a day of study before initiation. For coven members they are usually assigned a mentor to teach them. General they are not permitted to cast spells but are allowed to observe the coven and celebrate on Sabbath. After a year and a day if the mentor and other members of the coven think he/she is ready they will perform an initiation ceremony and they will be welcomed into the coven. Initiation however dose take a coven. Self initiation are commonly know as dedication. This is here you dedication yourself to a God or Goddess or even the belief its self. This is a judgment call on your part. Aging a year and a day is traditional but this is your journey and if you feel you need more time that’s okay too. A solitary can study by reading everything they can, or maybe finding another that is willing to be a mentor.
    Most of all we don’t worship Satan or put hexes on people. We are a peaceful people. Anymore questions e-mail me. Blessed Be

  8. First Magick is properly spelled Magic.
    If it is a sin then it could be to the christians who hate any belief other than there own even it is legal to be a Wiccan, Witch or Wiccan witch in the United States of America.

  9. Jews, Christians and Muslims have a right to their own beliefs.
    They are entitled to believe magic is evil just as Witches, Wiccans, Occultists and Pagans are entitled to believe it is okay and atheists are entitled to believe it is malarky.


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