Why is India trying to prove that Lord Buddha was born in India when he was born in Nepal ?

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Along with the Indian encroachment in Nepal now India came up with this drama … everyone knows that lord Buddha was born in Nepal but India is trying to make a duplicate Kapilvastu ( birth place of Gautama Buddha) in India, just 20 km far from original Kapilvastu in Nepal. What are they trying to do ? Fool all other people in the world just for their fake work?

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Who cares no one ever listens to India anyways lawl just ignore them.

Naz F

My guess is that maybe Nepal is restricting pilgrims from visiting Buddha’s birthplace, or there are some other legitimate restrictions to pilgrims. India may be trying to provide a place for these pilgrims, out of concern for them…Or, maybe exploit some pilgrims for cash, who knows?


India is always keeping it’s eye on Nepal. And this time it’s creating a great confusion among the people around the world by copying the whole structure of Kapilvastu,Nepal. even they are stealing the ancient bricks from Lumbini. But it’s not necessary for the world to believe what they say rather believe the truth. So once again for the people around the world “BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL”.


According to a program about Buddhism, that I saw on PBS the other day, Buddha was born in India. I see no reason why a network that gets it’s funding from American citizens would lie about this.

debbie smith

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