why is god speaking to so many different religious people ?





How can god be speaking to so many different priests/imams/shaman/rabbi/…. ?
Are some of them not telling the truth ? Is god not really speaking to them and telling them about reality, heaven and hell !!! What a scary thought !!
Is god not speaking at all to them ?
Or is god a big joker ?


  1. God speaks to everyone in different ways even if you do not believe.
    Religious people just talk about it.
    God gives small messages in everything in life.
    Are you listening?

  2. God is not speaking to all of them. Remember one thing. There is only one Bible. It says if we add to it or take away from it we are going to be lost. So. these people fall under the category of where the Bible says people will believe a lie and be damned. But it is true God will call a sinner to repentence if they will but listen. GOD IS NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. One normally tends to think that there are religious people all around the world and there are the common men, but the world is one.
    But, the fact is that each individual has a world of his own. The way one looks at the world is not the same as it is looked at by others. It keeps on changing. Thus, God has created may be only one world, but for each person, it is different. He does not communicate with any one, but He makes you feel what is said by Him. For a person, who thinks the world is initself a joke, He no doubt is a joker.

  4. There is many gods but only ONE TRUE GOD who has sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. So unless you speaking to the God Who is alive and is the only true God you have no hope in spending eternity with Jesus Christ who gave us Salvation

  5. Obviously He isn’t speaking to all of them because one God wouldn’t tell people to do wildly conflicting things.
    If you’re serious about finding truth, I’d do three things:
    1) Stop asking people on the internet. Truth isn’t often found here. Just opinion.
    2) Do your own research. Read the Bible, etc. See what God has already said. (In the interest of full disclosure, I strongly believe that the Bible is the complete record of what God wants us to know about Truth and Himself)
    3) Pray. Ask God to lead you to the truth. I’d rather ask Him than 1,000,000 strangers on the internet.

  6. God is speaking to all people because we are all God’s children it is just some people interpret what they are being told in different way. Some of those ways are good some are bad and some of them are twisted by a persons own desires and used to archive their own means.
    I believe there is only one God which is the one source of power in the universe. I say one source of power because there are many cultures past and present that believe that there are many Gods/Goddesses however many of those cultures even though they believe in many Gods never the less see all power coming from one source.
    If you look at all the worlds religions there is a common theme of love, caring and giving. Do unto others and such. I think it is sad that we as a collective are unable to look at all the things we have in common instead of all our differences.

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