Home Discussion Forum Why is giving advice on my marriage a sporting event to you?

Why is giving advice on my marriage a sporting event to you?

I asked a question about my marriage earlier. It was something that really had me concerned and I asked it expecting to get some honest advice. Then as I read through it I realized that many of the people answering me put up horrible life-altering mean comments. The reason for the answer was not to better my life but to have fun criticizing me. I figured out the people criticizing me are playing this site like a game. ‘Earning points’ and ‘gaining levels’. I started looking around at some other postings and saw these same losers telling other people ‘go kill yourself because you are worthless’ and other stuff like that. Which I find ironic, because the critics are the ones sitting at the computer placing hundreds or thousands of posts (suggesting their own life is lacking in realistic enjoyment). I just want to make very clear that those of you that play with people’s lives like that are disgusting, sick, twisted individuals. And if this is what you all do, you need to get a new hobby because karma can be a witch.
My response to that, it’s not unlike going to get advice anywhere else. Yes, it is because yahoo gives points and levels encouraging quantity of answers not quality. Also, when you look a person in their face and ask them for advice they tend to be more humane and genuine. When people can sit behind a computer screen and never see how they are affecting other people’s lives with so called ‘advice’ they never have to ponder the negative affects their ‘virtually placed words’ may have in this world.


  1. thats the beuty of the internet if u dont like who u are talking to , there is an OFF switch.
    You choose to be here just like they do. So how is it their fault?
    I agree some of the answers are not very tasteful though.
    The good thing about this site is not the bad answers, its the good answers u get also. Thats why u choose best answer and give it a rating. Ignore the ones u dont like.
    Its no different going to a place in real life. Dont assosiate with the people that talk or treat u bad.
    With the internet comes handling issues which require you to manage who u talk to online and ho u listen to.
    Ultimately its your choice what advice u listen too u just need to understand that u have the whole worl at your keyboard when it comes to the internet and there are alot of those people u are talking about out there.
    You being angry will not get rid of them. Deal with it. Manage it, or switch OFF!

  2. Unfortunately there are some sick individuals out there, who don’t care about other people & their feelings. It’s sad but true! Don’t pay any attention to their warped ways! I have noticed it as well, even when people post a simple question about a recipe, one or two individuals have to be rude & make pathetic statements. Guess that’s life. It does however put a damper on the people who use this site for enjoyment & interacting with others. Take care

  3. I think some people are truly disconnected from any real human compassion. Some would consider these people sociopaths. The truth is- the internet is an awesome open box that the entire world can put a bit of them selves into. And we both know this world is full of good, bad and a whole lot in between. Take care.

  4. I believe your right and yes karma will bit them hard maybe when there in need of a confidant and everyone turns there back on them. their comments almost seem like spam junk mail maybe yahoo could try figuring out a way to block them like they do spam e-mails. then that would leave the site so people can ask a serious question get a real answer not say we will all like the answers we get but at least I won’t feel like I’m back in the sixth grad out on the playground nether dealing with Juvenal minded people if all they want is point they should just type some random message about kangaroos or something that way we know and they don’t say something that can potentially do a lot of damage to some one who is in a vulnerable situation

  5. Y!A is for everyone .. sadly even the sick ones are allowed here but you can always differentiate a mature answer from the worthless answers.
    just dont bother urself, i get answers like this all the time but i still ask questions because there are kind hearted loving people here who really love to help others with no thanks in return .. this makes me feel that the world is still a peaceful place.
    Mature people with mature answers here in Yahoo actually made difference in my life and i wish i could thank them everyday

  6. I have to agree. Sometimes we pour our heart and soul into our questions with hopes of someone that can truly shed some light on our problem only to get some twisted mind answer us with some off the wall answer. I guess we have to filter those out and look at the ones that do attempt to help us. I realize that sometimes we are only venting to the general public and cannot really find an answer, but those that do make an attempt to help someone at least do answer. I guess we just have to consider the souce.


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