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Why is Everyone in this world so stupid.?

except for me, of course.
there are so many things people in this world don’t know like:
-Astral Projection (Out-of-body Experiences)
-Lucid Dreams
-Sleep Paralysis
-Big Boobs
oh dude ive watched super size me it made me horny..lulz jk


  • This change is due to the end of the cold war as well as fast food, yes fast food.
    Kids today aren’t paddled as I was when ever I caused trouble in class. Teachers spend more time trying to get kids ready to learn but fail due to lack of control.
    At 53 yrs I have an education that is well beon what a person get after 4 yrs of university, which I have over 14 yrs of ” higher learning ” what a joke.As long as you can pay you’ll get the diploma.
    I could pss over and over about this but will the US ever come back to being #2 in smarts ? think not. I mean come on, big boobs ? whats sexy about silicon ? Natural now that was fun just as the 60s were.
    I miss the cold war era, and the work that we let go to India & China.
    The last was an enemy and now take more jobs, but so long as fast food is eaten people won’t think for themselves, check out ” Super size me ” you’ll never eat that crap again. And so on. . . .

  • Big boobs. LMAO! What’s to know, really. But that damn sleep paralysis and OOBE gave me a scare when it started happening, until I researched it a bit, and then thought it was rather interesting. Most people would have run to the doctor or something, who would have prescribed them pills to sleep better… Doctors and the drug companies (and the government that caters to them)… There’s pretty much your main reasons why people are so stupid today.

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