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Why is Buddhism and Taoism not considered to be religions like Islam or Christianity ?


  1. Buddhism and Taoism are not monotheistic like Islam or Christianity. However all of them have a lot of ideas in common – like love, respect and honesty. The main difference is that Buddhism and Taoism aren’t dependent on an omnipotent sentient being overseeing everything.
    Some people like to group these schools of thought together under the imprecise banner of the word ‘religion’ and some choose to restrict the notion of ‘religion’ to theistic or monotheistic religion.
    Its a matter of choice and semantics. Mostly irrelevant to me. I think that we should just get on with the business of spreading love and compassion and not spend so much time worrying over what banners we march under.

  2. Buddhism and Taoism are considered religions but widely regarded as Spirituality as opposed tothe sectarian nature of Abrahamic religions.
    They may not be as widely discussed as Islam and Christianity but they are no less valid to those that believe.
    They also don’t preach hatred as much as Islam and Christianity.

  3. I didn’t know that they weren’t. But as far as I know, they are different because they don’t believe in one God…my understanding is that Buddhism is more of a way of life than a “religion” if you will, Buddha isn’t a god, but he was the first to acheive enlightenment. I could be wrong though.

  4. I have always heard them to be religions. But I’ve read that most sects of Buddhism believe in no gods. So what constitutes a religion?

  5. They areconsidered religions, the only people who do not are usually Christian and Muslims who do not consider it so.
    But, according to Dr. Ninian Smart, religion can be defined as any set of beliefs in a spiritual system that deals with a soteriological model, which informs the believer how to save his life/soul or how to live a moral proper life.

  6. I don’t know, but just to correct you on the Christianity part.
    True Christianity is not a religion, but a lifestyle that includes having a deep relationship with God, His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.
    We don’t base our beliefs in the practicing of rituals and things of that nature.
    It is based on relationship not religion or religious acts.

  7. Some consider Buddhism and Taoism as religion, and some do not.
    Buddhism and Taoism are not theistic religions – they are not based on deity or deities responsible for creation of all. They are more philosophical in nature, and more ‘a way of life’ than a dogma. Both Buddhism and Taoism encourage the follower to find his own path and search for truth, instead of being handed the truth as unquestionable and absolute.
    Other theistic religions usually tell the follower what to do, or be damned in hell for eternity. Buddhism and Taoism are different where the follower is empowered to choose his own destiny by avoiding harmful actions, and always being able to correct himself in every living instance.

  8. Because they are created by man, not sent by God..
    The religions that are sent by God are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

  9. They are more considered to be philosophy. Both Buddhism and Taoism in their original states provide a guideline which is supposed to lead one to enlightenment or onto the way of life, whereas Islam and and Christianity has a religious idol whom they pray to, and in a way fulfil His mission more than doing things which develop themselves as a person.
    However, taoism has been modified a great deal over time as several different Gods governing different areas ranging from wealth to safe-being and fertility spring from the inclusion of common folklore. So you might see taoism being considered as a religion more in Asian countries.
    Hope this helps=)

  10. It is, but not in Western society where Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the dominant religions. Its all based on locale.
    Hindi is one of the largest religions in the world, and it is barely known in the America’s…


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