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Why is being self aware of your own consciousness so scary? Any philosophy majors or deep thinkers out there?

Anyone ever just feel like everything you perceive is just your own construction of an event? How about that your reality and feelings toward certain things are all conditions from living in society?


    • I’m sure my symptoms are partially the result of drug abuse…since 18 though I placed a lot of meaning on self awareness, and held awareness as an ideal…now i feel overly aware of myself and have a hard time making choices. Simply being at all is hard to reconcile, and acting like a person is exhausting.

  1. There are degrees of consciousness. Times when we are more aware and times when we are less aware. What you are describing are times when we are more aware, times when mere mental perception of our surroundings is superseded with an awareness of being and being is always much more real, immediate and terrifyingly simple then any mental reconstruction (no matter how falsely complicated) of our habitual reality.


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