Home Discussion Forum Why is all the profanity anti-Christian in nature?

Why is all the profanity anti-Christian in nature?

If you are not a Christian, why not defame your own god?
Why not say Charles f***ing Darwin
or MO f****ing hammed of Mecca
or YWH or Moses or Buddha?
why does everyone primarily profane Christ? Is that bigotry, or do they deep down in their subconscious mind know that Christ is God, and as such is the only name that actually CAN BE profaned?


  1. The English language has been Christian in origin for centuries.
    Why do you say motherf&*ker? Is it because secretly you long to have sex with your mother?

  2. You can sort this one out on your own.
    Why did Socrates get the death sentance for causing youth to question the gods of the day?
    Because culturally, in societies, the language is based around the dominant system. If it’s a king, or a religion, or whatever. So cursewords are framed within that majority context.

  3. because we are so used to hearing it. Maybe if you stopped using it, we wouldn’t be brought up with those exclamations that are said without really thinking about what we’re saying.

  4. I was raised Catholic and all I would hear from my father was Jesus F***ing Christ.
    And leave Charles Darwin out of this.

  5. because most atheists live in the US or europe where christianism is the main religion so u know we live with u ur our neighbors so we attack each other… i know its stupid thats why i dont attack any body

  6. My 9 yr old asked me a similar question the other day. She said she was tired of hearing people say “Oh my G-d”. She wanted to start blaspheming Buddha.
    Of course, I explained to her why we wouldn’t do that.
    You made a great point. I think they deep down know that Jesus is God, and it is at the forefront of their thoughts.

  7. this is to do with sociologically accepted and long standing deep rooted words , phrases and meanings
    and soceitys every changing meanings of them
    all words that become swears are usually soemthing that began or became negative in some way in society eyes
    something that soceity felt embarrassed by, ashamed by, insulted by, or that was hidden or deemed negative in some way
    soemthing that society did not ‘like’ or understand and attached negativity to it
    the words
    gay, became an insult AFTER it was used to describe gay people and the stigma attached
    liek b*****d became and insult after the stigma attached of fatherless children
    f**k became explicit after it was stigmated to be associated with sex
    and so on and so on
    all of these words were used in negative ways
    so jesus christ, is now used in a swear due to the fact that christainity sayd saying this was wrong ‘blasphemous’
    soceity does NOT appreciate being told they can or cant say things like this
    so they do but it changes meaning
    we do not say the otger words because we are allowed to say them by soceity
    because there is no negative aspect of saying them
    christianity is deep rooted in society, so now the words and phrases are too
    but ALL words and phrases change meaning and sooner or later soceity uses them in completely differnt contexts

  8. I’m an atheist and it never even occurs to me to use the words J***s C***t in a sweary way. I’m much more likely to refer to human excrement in a one syllable four letter word.

  9. saying something like “god d*** it” is a cultural colloquialism. if you seriously think that using the name of a deity in a curse word proves the deity, you are mentally deranged.

  10. One of the commandments is to honor the Lord. By causing people to misuse the names of God (“oh, my god!, etc), they are bringing damnation upon themselves. I’ve noticed this YEARS ago & found it interesting. Nobody says “Oh, Buddha” or “Isis d@mn it”!


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