Home Discussion Forum why i cannot see auras when i want to?

why i cannot see auras when i want to?

why i can not see them all the time?


  1. Probably becasue they don’t exist and are not suported by any scientific fact or measurements. They are pure new age horse pucky.

  2. Because the phenomena which is causing you to see them isn’t occuring all the time. Auras are actually a result of neurological phenomenas within the brain. Many people see “auras” which are associated with certain types of migrain headaches (which aren’t always painful) or seizures.

  3. If you want the scientific “they don’t exist because blah blah blah” listen to them, but if you do see auras some times and not others, then it’s just lack of control. When you have a power, you need to practice controlling it or it will control you by deciding when it will work and when it won’t. Choose a target and envision their aura appearing. Do this often, and you’ll be well on your way to a perfected gift.

  4. Because as it has been said auras do not exist….it is all the garbage of ”new age”, astrology, ghosts and also th so-called
    Kirlian images that are onthing more than the little known
    Lichtenberg discharges that are disclosed un old physics books.
    Bio energies, chakra, ki or qi and similas fairy tales are only feedstock for the buffoons that deal in these matters to get
    money from gullible people.
    AWAKE !!!!!!!

  5. I’m thinking that what you should be asking is why you can see them at all.
    I’m thinking a brain tumor, probably cancer and most likely really aggressive. You should go to a “healer” and give them lots of money to wave their hands over you.
    Maybe you can apply for the Darwin Award before you die?

  6. Some theories:
    1. Seeing auras requires a degree of “spiritual energy” and you may be low at the time.
    2. The person you are trying to see has a higher degree of spiritual energy and is choosing to block you from seeing it.
    3. You are trying to hard. Try to see it without trying. (if that makes sense.)
    4. You may need to be in a meditative state to see it.
    5. If all else fails, try picking up on their vibes and visualize that into a color. That may help.
    Hope these thoughts can be of some assistance. I’m still experimenting seeing auras.

  7. Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which two or more bodily senses are coupled. For example, someone might see or associate a color with letter of the alphabet. Different people experience this neurological condition in different ways.
    If you’re seeing auras, look up synesthesia. You may have some loose connections upstairs.


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