Why & how did witch craft become associated with Satan worshiping of the devil?






It is just witch craft,why does God not like it?


  1. If you are not dealing with God, then you are dealing with the devil. Witch craft deals with casting spells and conjuring up spirits something which God has forbidden.
    They may not call themselves devil worshipers, but they are dealing with demonic spirits.

  2. There was time when “witches” were the most respected people in the village. They were old wise women who would help you when you were sick etc. When the Catholic Church came along they told the people to trust and believe in god. They said that they got their knowledge and healing powers from making pacts with the devil. The people believed this and till this day there are people that still believe witch craft is a form of devil worshiping.

  3. the church demonized all other religions when they were first trying to take power. Paganism was one of the most popular religions before christianity took over.

  4. It depends on what time frame you are talking about.
    Polytheists religions were practiced throughout the world until Christianity took over. In order to convert the populace the Church converted pagan holy days into Church holidays, like Easter and Christmas. The Church also took images of gods, like Dionysus, and said they represented Satan.
    People that were tortured and killed as witches during the various inquisitions throughout history were not actually witches. They may have been heretics in the eyes of the Church because many of them were Protestants of one type or another. Protestantism threatened the Church’s position as the ruling body throughout the world.
    During the Salem Witch Trials, none of the people that were hung were actually practicing witchcraft of any sort. It became a power play by the young girls to point their fingers at people and accuse them or devil worship. It also became a convenient way for people to get rid of neighbors that they didn’t like.
    To be honest, modern Pagans and Witches don’t believe in Satan. We, myself being an Eclectic Pagan Witch, consider Satan a Christian concept.

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