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Why have so many westerners turned to eastern religions?

Why have so many people in the west (both europe and the U.S.) turned to eastern religions like Buddhism, Taoism… and the like. And embraced such methods like Zen diets, meditations, and yoga?
What are your thoughts. Don’t critique the religions… I want to know why westerners have turned to the eastern religions. What do those religions offer that the western religions (Judaism, Christianity, etc) don’t offer.


  1. Because they discover what can easily be found with open-minded historical research – that the major western religions are false. Then they turn to Eastern, and find most of them to be false as well. Then they turn to Scientology and lose their freaking minds.

  2. Western religions have not led to peace, they have only led to war. Not that eastern relgions are any better (Chinese, North Koreans).

  3. Most do out of bitterness. They feel they were “harmed” by Christianity as children. Many are also VERY unattractive and unsuccessful, so it’s natural that they would gravitate towrad religions which demand little of them. Most of the women I see involved in these Eastern religions aren’t winning any beauty contests, now or ever.
    They also do it so others around them will think they are “progressive.” They are really just wrapped up in what others think of them. They don’t need another religion, they need THERAPY.
    Also, not that “many” Westerners have turned to Eastern religions, although the New York Times et al. would like you to believe that for some odd reason.

  4. The philosophy’s don’t tend to be dogmatic. I for one went looking for religion and philosophy when I was younger and read various texts including the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, some Sufi poetry (yes they are Muslims too but they have a unique perspective) Shinto, but I fell in love with Taoism because it was simple and it made sense.
    Without Evil there can be no Good.
    Without Darkness there can be no Light.
    For me this basic concept destroyed any point in “seeking the light of Christ” as the logical conclusion is that without the light, there can be no shadow.
    I do not tend to like religious Taoism, because it too has some silly ideas about things. Try reading the Tao te Ching (I recommend Thomas Cleary’s translation)

  5. I found that in many cases, western people that convert to Eastern religions do not fully understand Christianity or had some bad experience in the past (ex. child abuse by Catholic priests). Also, another reason is a great deal of false mystery that is often associated with those religions such as ability to travel through space spiritually.

  6. Another sign of the times. It was foretold that before the second coming of Christ peoples hearts would turn cold and they would turn to other Gods and they would blaspheme the name of the Lord.

  7. Because those beliefs tend to actually PRACTICE the things that Jesus wanted his followers to do.
    Compassion, respect, responsibility, peace forgiveness and community. All the things that western religious talk about but don’t practice.
    Western religions (monotheistic ones anyway) RULE their adherents through fear, guilt, lies and judgement, while eastern religions Guide by example, trust, and compassion.
    And the jammies are quite comfy too 🙂

  8. Because they find that there is a deeper mystical connection to God in Eastern religions. That there is more open mindedness and understanding of the metaphysical side of this world, that is all around us, the unexplained, which they tend to embrace, research and offer an explanation for, whereas on the other hand Christianity tends to ignore it, brush you off and or make you think you are crazy, stupid or silly. Better yet they label these things all evil. Plus I think those religions tend to not judge as much as Christianity does.
    I also think more and more people are doing their own research and coming to realize on their own these very things, AND how many holes there are in the western religions theology and history. Therefore, choosing not to follow blindly.


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