Why hasn't anyone asked a question in the parapsychology section about the "60 Minutes" mind reading segment?





The “60 Minutes” show tonight included a segment about scientific experiments using FMRI’s to read minds.
If you saw the show, what did you think about it?


  1. I didn’t see the piece, but I just did some research on the subject and its absolutly amazing what they are doing with fMRI’s. A computer can predict based on brain activity which of 1000 pictures a volunteer is looking at with about 80% accuracy apparently.
    I think this knowledge is wonderful and will be great for understanding visual input in the brain and will probably make blind people see someday.
    This isn’t the same as reading independent thoughts however, I think they are some ways off from that. This is simply predicting what visual stimulation is coming into the brain and how its processed.
    I am pretty confident that they are a long ways from being able to extract the dreams of a sleeping person, or prying your personal thoughts from your head.
    Not that I doubt that technology could exist, I am sure it possible, afterall the brain is merely a computer run with chemicals and electrical impulses.

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