Yoga makes a Christian a better Christian, a Muslim a better Muslim and it brought me to Christ when i raised the kundalini. Why, therefore, would Muslims want it banned when it would help them to do things like fast during Ramadan, persuade them to give alms to the poor and salat and the likes of Surya Namaskara are clearly two variants of the same thing? Do they want people not to follow the Qu’ran or the principles of Islam? It isn’t Hindu but part of the structure of reality.
LM, thanks for the clarification. However, it still doesn’t make sense because it’s not only not anti-islamic but is actually likely to promote more devotion to Islam in its deepest sense. I also wonder how free Muslims are to apostasise, though i have to admit i don’t know.


  • You make it sound like Yoga was banned for everyone in Malaysia.
    It was the Fatwa Council (that decides how Muslims should worship, just like the Vatican decides How Catholics worship), that banned the practice of Yoga by Muslims living in Malaysia.
    Everyone else can do whatever they want.
    Religious organizations have the right to decide what their parishoners can and can’t do.
    If they don’t like it, they can leave their religion.
    The Malaysian government isn’t forcing everyone to be mulsim or stop yoga.
    That would be bad for business. And Malaysia relies heavily on foreign business investiments and tourism.

  • Most in Malaysia are so-called Moderate Muslims. However, extremist Sharia law Muslims are moving in there in huge numbers, so if you don’t want it to turn into Saudi Arabia there where they stone 13 year old girls for getting raped, you’d better do something pretty quick.

  • Malaysia is very protective of Islam and regularly bans anything that it sees as a threat to it. They are very fundamental in the sense that anything that is not of Islam is against Islam.

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