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Why exactly does the New World Order (Illuminati) want to exterminate 80% of the worlds population?

What is the point of the New World Order wanting to kill off 80% of the world’s population?


    • Basically to many people, earth resources to few, earth is dying. No earth no people…….
      Goverments should limited number of children to one per family, then in one generation the population would be more than halved. No need to kill people just control the population.
      I am not a fanatic nor an extremist, just your average guy. What does it matter anyways. This life is but temporary.
      Those that wish to save their lives shall loose it, those that loose their lives for My sake shall be saved.

      • I personally think that they shouldn’t “kill” or “lower down the population of people” for no typical reason. We should do something about this. Newborns just have arrived and our world is ending already? I think not. I’m just a teen and I haven’t lived my full life yet. I think it isn’t fair that the younger generations should get a chance and live their life’s. Thats all I’m saying.

  1. The federal government originally promised 120 million doses of swine flu vaccine by now. Only 13 million have come through. Obama the exterminator.

  2. With a smaller population, there will be fewer stupid conspiracy theory questions on Yahoo Answers. That’s the only reason.

  3. More important question to ask is, how come you a nobody on the internet manged to discover through very little effort of you own mostly likely by reading very derivative theories by people like alex jones , how did you manage to learn the top secret plans of the most powerful people on earth and what are the chances that what you think is true is utter bullshit.

  4. They don’t.
    They want more and more people. More slaves for them to control.
    They say they want a small population, so that the population grows. Reverse psychology.

  5. hello Unlike the other people who have been answeirng i know aobut the new world order. they don’t need more money. they control all the money all ready.
    Think of it this way. 1% cant control 99%. They see us as sub human. htey are discusted with us and many see them self as god like being’s. They only want enough people so the world can keep turning. that’s it. they want to kill us because mainly we will rebel should they come out with all their planes. so if they kill most of us we are harmless.
    Dont be confused my friend. amy people THINK they knwo about the nwo. like thie comment i say
    “The same as what happen to the indians ………….for real estate.” or “Fewer people, less problems, more space, less frustration and stress…”
    The Nwe World Order knows the cant fully control EVERYONE right off the bat. they would need time. and less people. the only people who they wqant left are the dumbest moron’s. If you are smart and think for your self you are a danger to them and they wish you dead. So if they kill all the smart people and take their kids at birth and raise the kids to love the GOVT. the people with even THINK of rebelling. Raised to be slaves.
    My email is venveezy@gmail.com and dane_cook_su_Fi@gmail.com
    Email me if u have any other questions about the new world order, I have been studying them for quite some time now.

  6. basically they want to have one large group of people to control – so no more USA, no more UK, no more EU just one big army filled with different nations, except there will b no nations. do u think immigration control is an accident? the government could easily close the drawbridge and say no more. but they do it to mix it up and a good eg of that is my country – england… they are going to continue letting in immigrants to the extent that we cant even recognise our own country anymore. ive noticed it and im sure alot of brits have. thats why the government try to brainwash people into thinkin BNP is a racist party because they would shut the door on immigrants if they had power. they dont want to kill 80% of people, cos they want to steal everyones money and use us as slaves. as for illumanati, they are just devil worshippers who sold their souls to satan for money. the illumanati control all the media and music. so all the hip-hop/rap kids listen to is to do with them, have u noticed how they all talk about money/girls/material things? its because they are tryin to promote getting rich quick and spending it on useless stuff. and if ur thinking ” thats bullshit because its the rappers songs, so they have no say”…unfortunatly they control all these record labels they are with, and the record label tell them what lyrics to use. also every year the UK give 3rd world countries like Africa millions of pounds to help their situation, and green peace claim that just 20p can feed a person for a week over there! so where is all the money going and why are they still hungry? :/ its because that money we give is tax free and does not belong to government, so they just take it to feed their fat stomachs. think about it this way – why the FEED THE WORLD concerts and LIVE 8 fundraisers when we are in an economical crisis ourselves? its strange right how they still hold events to give millions to “africa” when it could help our NHS/schools etc and help our debt. you want to know why?? because if it was a fundraiser for those things, the people would want to see changes – and start asking questions if they havent built anything or made improvements. whereas africa is smart because nobody asks questions and its not Right in front of them. so they can skim a vast amount of the top and mayb build a few taps and one of the shittest schools iv ever seen in a village. dont u wonder?? why they have to have volenteers and not professionals to build them poor kids a high tech facility to work in and not sit on fuckin mud stools? lol strange right? so when they say 21/12/2010 dont think of a huge rock hitting the earth – think about 9/11 and how people warned us about that. its will be similar to that but a bigger. US claimed that the Al-Queda were gona launch an attack on the US with a nuclear bomb and wipe of a major city from the map. yet these are people who wear a tea towel and live in caves. lol if ur american, no offence but ur government are the worst liars ever. and dont get me started on 9/11. o shit i cud go on all day but i cbb lol just b carefull and be ready for shit loads of fighting on the streets. peace!

    • you are such an idiot. do you know how expensive it is to send proper construction vehicles to Africa. they have to send the ones from south Africa and most places they are building right now are Uganda and such. they just don’t have a resources in Africa to build anything high-tech nor do they really need to. we are trying to rebuild a nation, not teach them how to google. we need more teachers, leaders, and builders. you have to start small, teach them valuable life skills. you teach a man to build a fire, you don’t buy him an oven. Africa needs help to build up then they need to become self-reliant.

      • China is spending big money and using the African Mineral resources just like some other countries where the US failed or has not been well accepted along with other multinational corporations.
        The Chinese are offering more support and better deals for the locals. Different attitude to business and more benefits for the trading partners.
        Perhaps the corruption from the African establishments and governments and other third world countries makes fair distribution of the wealth from the deals impossible as the people that need it most never see it. If you have this attitude and greed on both sides from the trade partnership it means that the needy will never be helped.
        Some eight weeks ago I went to a local medical centre for a blood test and I started a conversation with the 25 odd year old nurse. Jokingly asking if she planned to have a party at 21st Dec 2012. She responded No and added that her father was a 33 degree mason. I thought “Interesting”. And asked her what6 she thought or knew about the conspiracies like Population control and Vaccinations. She responded that she does not get vaccinations. I asked how come you are working in the medical industry? She responded that’s why?
        “O.K. so you do not trust chemical companies,
        right “?
        My choice and my parents did not believe in Vaccinations, she responded.
        I asked about the population control conspiracy.
        She answered, “Oh, that’s only for the blacks and the third world countries like Africans”.
        I thought. Jesus she just stuck a needle into my arm and drew blood. But it all seemed to have been out of unopened medical sealed bags. So I dismissed this and asked ” don’t you think that there is something wrong with that”? I mean where does it stop”? “elderly, people with disability, ethnic or small families”? She did not respond and I asked her if she agreed with this, she shook her head in disagreement and shrugged her shoulders.
        The door was ajar and there was another person waiting so I thanked her and left.
        The problem I see with your response sasha is that you are like I used to be some years ago. An Optimist, a humanitarian and someone thinking we were working to make the world a better place by working within the system. I was part of the system and I noticed that often the bottom line was the Money. I also found out even though I was working to prevent crime and evil, at times evil was disguised as good and more than often corrupted others around them and they knew whom they could trust as they were organised. While I was trying to stop violent criminals and petty ones the white collar ones were using the system to their advantage. I had more trouble within my work environment because I did not fit in due to the fact that I did not want to join the Good Bad guys. My career suffered and at times I did not know whom can be trusted often finding that most of the team I was working with had known and were plotting to have me replaced with some one more gullible or pliable. The big bosses were of no help? My awakening came a few years ago when I had to care for my parents that had Cancer, both died within a 3 month period and the Medical system was full of people like I worked with. The Good guys are muffled and afraid to speak out in 90% of the cases and often they hint but do not openly comment or interfere as they can not speak out against their colleagues particularly if the patient is not their patient. Getting second opinions and changing Doctors is extremely hard as most of the Doctors know each other and will not oppose or cross their colleagues. Cancer is a trillion dollar industry.
        If this happens within the medical system amongst the highest paid and trained professionals and in the law enforcement environment.
        Why would it not be possible that some of the conspiracy theories about the Masons/Illuminati and Politicians are true?

    • you know, i would really like to get to know you more. no, haha this is not a hookup. WE need to get things straight. Work together.

  7. This is my first time hearing about that.
    In any way, New World Order will undoutbly fail. Just like how all have failed since the fall of the Roman Empire. I have to ask myself why people even bother trying. A waste of time. =/ And it will probably only create chaos. -heaves a sigh-

    • Sometimes I wonder if the Roman Empire fell?
      Zionism, Vatican, and Emperor Constantine in addition to changes in the Bible have me concerned Thing 1. According to Professor Walter J Weith and his research although I do not agree with everything he presents. I have to point out historical fact and correlations from various sources.
      Vatican created the Knight Templar Order= Templars create the Jesuits= Jesuits Create The Free Masons. Illuminati Bohemian Grove and Presidents of the USA are Blood relatives from Edward the second? (Cousins) These are all part of the Bilderberg Group.
      In addition did you know that the Seventh Day adventist Church was created by a 33 degree Mason?
      Consisting of the worlds richest and most powerful members including world leaders, Royalty and Bankers in addition those that few have even heard about that did not follow these things as they hardly ever grace the media with any news. Skull and Bones Society that J F Kennedy revealed as secret shadow societies and that have been known about since before 1913 and even during the French Revolution. Involvement in and accusations of starting and funding both sides of civil and World Wars for profits.
      The Secret History of the world. The thing your history teacher will not teach in school.

  8. what young money is saying is true…thes people have all the money world and control the most powerful people in the world and control the riches families… money equels power…power to train elite soldiers…power to create controlled diseases ..and the power to spread propoganda and lies….this power makes them feel like they can do whatever they want….they are getting close to finding a way to prolong their live so they can rule the world longer so when they kill 80% of the population they can also live longer than the remaining population so they can teach thei young whatever they want…they can say there gods….they have the money to fund these projects its only a matter of time for them to find the holy grial(in science(to prolong their life)) then use the master plan to kill us in anyway they want with elite soldiers or a great war or mabye a few controllde disease….they knoow there master plan will work and its to late to stop them…. god predicted this plan ….they will cause all of our doom bechause of there stupid dream to become god they will fail…but in there failure we will all die…but dont worry if you were good and when jesus judges us we will go to heavn and they will burn in hell for all eternity….but when i die i will die defending good people …so they may have a cupple a seconds to prey and ask for forgivenss…the pain i will go threw fighting and trying to destroy the new world order will be a great fight…i hope those cupple of seconds may save the people who never knew of this new world order master plan so they can prey….

  9. if you want to fight and save as much people from a horrible death until jesus reveals himself so he may judge us in the end of time…then listen to this… they will decieve us with this beutiful promise dont know wat they will promise us…enlightenment,world piece, longevity in life…its something big or just a world war that they have created but nobody will know that they did they might do the 9/11 thing…they will deceive you and many will die these will be saved souls that will not have to go threw the hell they will put the remainding population…then the remainding poppulation will have to accept satans number..they will some how again decieve you using technology to eneter you into satans system…these will be unsaved souls bechause they have unknowingly accepted satan…and this is when we will revolt…many more may die…understand this this is their final steps to their plan and will take a cupple of years or more than a cupple of years to accomplish but in the end will be hell on earth … i will not be decieved and i will fight in the end of time i will NOT accept satans number and the new world order will fail but in this failure is the end of time…i will fight for the unsaved souls do not accept satans number…this might be somekind of encypted number or some device like a microchip or bar code that they will put on us so they may track us watch us keep us in somekind of system…they will probably say this to decieve you or something ..it will be like a credit card thing were you can access money on but it will be implanted on you or some kind of tracking device so they may pretend it will be for the greater good so they can keep tract on yuo so they may reduce crime but really it will become an enslavement device…do not let them take these unknowing souls…remeber when we use to say our president is just a puppet…its true…we thought they were a puppet for the government…well the government has a puppet master…and their plan is the new world order

    • What is The point of bringing a religion created by a Pagan, 300 years after the so-called messiah was gone? Constantine needed to control the people, and he did so with an inventive, catholic “either accept rules and the ‘mercy’ of the Lord OR SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL!!!!!!!” type of religion. Doesn’t give you much of a choice, does it? That’s why it’s Bullshit of the highest order. if there’s any saving to do, it’s freeing man from the main religions of this world. They are truly poison and lead us to our own destruction. Don’t be tempted to quote scripture if you reply…try reading it to yourself. Eventually the lies will become evident.

  10. those who refuse to listen to this then you are already been been programmed into their sytem of idle livestock…its really hard to understand this…thats why people are programmed to refuse this knowledge threw media…remeber the movie the matrix…well you are in the matrix…and world media like the news, t.v ,fake politics is your matrix…they keep you in this matrix while they go on with thier master plan which is the new world order…oh yeah i forgot to tell you they control all the media you see…t.v music news all that stuff…and they are just putting us into this system so that we dont know what really is going on…we spend alot of time on our t.v…and dats why they control it we like it and they kan control us wit it…using this they can teach us the lies they want us to learn and spread thier propoganda(unkownigly) …what tghey are trying to do is dumb us down…spread their lies…and create this dream so we can fuel their goal…

  11. im srry i cant explain everything….just look up new world order plan..new age movement…they mostly thrive in politics and money…they are sleezy snakes and walk with the devil…if you are not into religion then just listen to the rest of the stuff i posted…these powerful peopel are deceiveful leing snakes that have these dreams that the devil wispered in there ears…they spread the devils lies…plzz research this if you do not belive this…knowledge is power save the blind from the devils grasp….they want to kill 80% of the population..prolong their life..become god like…they will faill becouse this is the devils plan..to send as many with him before the end of days…but these super powerful men dont believ in god they believe in money …

  12. i know this is hard to believ especially bechause it sounds like im preaching about religion…but if you are not religuose then just read the rest…and then you might change your mind and pray …the most powerful deceptive strategy the devi lhas is to make people believ that he doesent exist….satans supernatural power will produce the most incredible deception the world has ever witnissed,this deception will seem so incredible it will litterally blow people minds this is in the biblegod said “”you shall not eat from the three of knowledge “the serpent said to the woman “you surely will not die!. well you know how the story goes…its the fall of man kind…the snake is the devil and he decieves eve that if she ate the fruit from tree of knowldedge then she would become like god…this empty promise the devil gave to eve to tempt her to disobey god …dont believ in the lie that the devil will tell YOU …dont disobey god dont eat the fruit…enlightenment(the fruit)is mankinds final coming of age, the emancipation of the human consciousness from an immature state of ignorance and error….if you have a child give them a bible ….

    • Read Job.
      God allowed Satan to tempt, test and place all manner of tricks and cruelty on job in order to test Jobs faith and to see if Job would turn away from God; At one stage Job was so distressed he asked how come god does not answer him any more?
      Then God answered that he speaks to man in one way or another when he is deep in slumber, to keep him away from the sword and from falling into the pit.
      Sounds like God at times allows us to suffer in order to test our faith and Satan is used as his tool.
      God is Lord over Satan even though Satan has been depicted as the rebel and the one that had been cast out.
      It seems that being a loving god that he is, he still loves his creations and Satan was one of his first and most magnificent Angels as a father he would maintain some contact and control over Satan, is that logical or is my understanding wrong?

  13. p.s dont listen to the enlightenment bullsh** or spiritual enlightenment..or some being one stuff its part of the new world order they are decieving you spiritually through spiritual lies..then they will put something in vaccines to physically break you then they will feed you more lies and fake promises….im not saying dont take medicine or antibiotics n stuff….but there gonna come up wit something big that will help eradicate the population…this master plan consiste of many plans..and one of them they will use medicine to weaken you

  14. 2012 might be the day the plan goes to action…but they know that some of us know so they might start the doomsday clock earlier….god know i tried to warn people…some people would wish to know this knowledge so they may get prepared…others like to live and die in there “matrix life”…but their is always is something bigger than us…they make us feeel even smaller..but if we unite we may stand a chance to save the blind so they may enter heaven and not be decieved by the devil

  15. Praise the Lord, u r right on point tamriel. I have been feeling so ill for the last year just thinking about what we face, and how many souls have to be saved. The devil has so many tricked that they don’t want to believe what is to come. I want to thank you for posting this, it brought tears to my eyes and great joy to my heart. God Bless u and may He give you all the strenth and courage you need to fight and save souls. I love u!! laylah

  16. To all those who have found out about the NOW read about what evil technology they have developed. The time to truly educate yourselves is right now if you think our beloved governments have our interest at heart forget it. They are Devil worshiping scum don’t believe me then type in Bohemian Grove then read Luke 4v5-8 truly if that disgusting little cherub wanted an act of worship from Jesus do you honestly think anything less is required from any one else? You won’t find this on the mainstream media as the Illuminate control that too.
    Over the last 6 weeks I have typed in the following Lord Monckton and the new world order, Agenda 21, Illuminati, 33rd degree free mansions, H.A.A.R.P., project blue beam and telepathy using ELF,VLF & LF waves this definitely sounds like far fetched science fiction doesn’t it. Unfortunately I can’t dismiss this as a lode of old conspiracy theory rubbish as I have personally experience 5 aspects of the claimed abilities of this rubbish so I am afraid it is horribly true. It is only from my knowledge of the Bible that the prophases for our day Matthew 24v23-26 Revelation 13v11-18 are going to come true in a much more literal way than I thought. The wild beast has been identified as the United Nations.

  17. Revelation 17v13 nearly happened in December 2009 when the nations signed with intent their power and authority to the United Nations behind closed doors at Copenhagen. Type in Lord Monckton and the new world order and view the 4 minute summing up of this speech given in October 2009 at Bethel University in st Paul. Read Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 for what God will do to our beloved world leaders and the illimuniti by the way George Bush Snr occult name is Gog. Read Jeremiah 8v15 & 17v5-6 & 10v23.
    No I am not advocating taking up a religion just the opposite if you’re in one dump it fast as instructed at Revelation 18v4 just take up studying the Bible and find the truth about God and His purpose and the meaning of His name YaHWeH Hebrew or JeHoVaH in English. I only found out about the last two items blue beam and H.A.A.R.P. apparently by accident from my study of the Bible I knew the fruitage of Jehovah God and what I was receiving was not displaying that fruitage all the time but it was displaying the abilities of God and Jesus so I prayed for an answer next day whilst looking at Bohemian Grove in amongst the many videos clips below was Project Blue Beam so I clicked on it and found the answer to my question.

  18. Global warming is part of there hoax. They are puting chemicals into the air via chemtrails to “help slow down global warming”, these chemicals are poisen to us. They are also using global warming to claim they need world gov, and creating new global tax systems based on this.

  19. Its easy to become consumed by all this, in the end we all must depart from the world, even those who support the illuminati…. its best to concentrate on your soul. Believe in Jesus and want to be saved… in the end its the only way we can be at peace and be free from the cruelties of the world…

  20. Those of you who think all of this is a load of crap, you are the ones who are most heavily influenced by the new word order/the illuminati.
    to all you skeptics out there, it’s not your fault you can’t think freely.. you were programmed into being ignorant and accepting everything you hear as gospel truth
    it’s not.. you’re being lied to and deceived.
    at the end of the day, you aren’t in the illuminati, so you don’t know.. you aren’t part of the secret societies, you aren’t in the government.. so you can never know
    and above all, before you dismiss all of this all “conspiracy bulls***”
    please just do the research
    if you’ve done enough research and dove deeply enough into the subject, then you can come to your own conclusion..
    but most people who think of this stuff as nonsense, probably haven’t done ANY research on it
    if we all open our eyes, and we get enough people to open their eyes as well, we can all stop the illuminati together

  21. well no one will never never!!!! know the truth so im just gonna educate myself about the gov. shit and illuminati but i dont think we will ever know the truth cuz why would the gov. want people to put stuff about them on the internet they can just go on the internet and change everything so good luck every one 🙂

  22. The Goverment just want to control everything and everyone . They want all the power they want to rule the world have control over money, food,music .etc! Our people need to stand together!

  23. Ummm no. It goes much deeper than that. They already have the control over money, food, music, etc. That is not nearly enough to satisfy their evil ignorance. Funny how they call themselves the enlightened ones, when really they have not a clue on the truth. If they did, they wouldn’t of created these demons. They think they are god and that is what went wrong here I think. When their EGO’s come crashing down on them and they end up in hell, then they will wish they weren’t so stupid then.

    • Hell? They whom are responsible for the crimes they have been alleged to have committed against their fellow humans and knowingly betrayed the laws even if not directly but in a round about way through agents and deception will pay the ultimate price. “If you blasphemy against the Son you shall be forgiven, if you blasphemy against the Father you shall be forgiven but if you blasphemy against the Holy Spirit you shall not be forgiven. Satan will not be able to save them in Hell. Jesus holds the keys to hades. And he guards it. The great crimes against humanity and Gods law will end their souls. Permanent eradication from all existence. In all dimensions.
      “Fear not him who can harm your body but the one whom can destroy the living soul”.
      We fail to understand that Satan acts like an agent provocator and often required Gods permission to act. The book of Job.
      If he tried to break away from this and act on his own as a form of rebellion or revolt against Heaven that, he will be judged on, by God.
      However, those that foolishly followed for the sake of Money and fame or power and position are pawns in the game. The ones that knowingly planned and played a role will be just as guilty, those whom were forced or deceived into the agenda may be forgiven.
      We have a moral duty to learn and become aware of what is taking place. However, the ones with the knowledge have kept us in the dark and used this against us. We can not bear false witness and make false accusations. Yet, proving some of the allegations would be almost impossible if not very difficult, as the time elapsed and the secrecy surrounding the events would make it so. The other factor is the fact that facts and witnesses or proof for great historical conspiracies would mean a world wide Judicial enquiry with a lot of people having to work together in order to make any form of trial viable or even remotely possible.
      If we are to believe this is all taking place according to some higher intelligence and a plan that entwines us into a destined corner that we can not avoid, perhaps we are falling into the trap.
      With this outlook we would be helpless and our efforts to break away would be fruitless and a waste of energy.
      Is this by design or by chance”
      If it is according to some agenda and plan, we should endeavour to stop it at the roots.
      Witch hunts and blind accusation are not practical and would cause more of a problem.
      The issues are difficult and would require an enormous Global movement to be rectified.
      If we the people are vigilant and disallow the corrupt leadership to embroil us into another war of fake and deceptive agendas we could topple the current system but the cost would be heavy.
      The biggest problem is the fact that we have too many that are part of the system and follow the leaders without question for what ever reason. Modifying the attitude and beliefs of the pawns and making them understand that they are just as much the victims as the rest are would be half the battle won. The Elitists can not function on their own. The plans and agendas can not work without the cooperation of the soldiers. The other problem is that convincing the ones that believe they are doing the right thing to change their mind and realise they are wrong would be hard.
      Some actually do believe the actions and plans are for the benefit of humanity.
      Perhaps a new world order is required but not with the leadership currently trying to propagate it.

  24. The want to reduce the population so that they can have a more controllable society (why?) because they want everyone to worship devil. BUT IT WIL NOT HAPPEN!

  25. Why does the NWO always have to be evil devil worshipers?
    it makes perfect practical sense that the planets people and resources are effectively long term managed..way too many people on the planet consuming and destroying everything.
    Sure we would lose a lot of our liberties ,but our current path of doing nothing and slowly destroying ourselves is pointless and a lot worse.
    some say we could develop better farming to feed more.Sure it would work to a point ,but who wants to live in a damaged world of 10+ billion and growing people.no thanks
    As others have mentioned on the forum, forcibly limiting children. simple.no need for killer viruses and death squads.
    One day we could travel to the stars if we play our cards right and think beyond our selfish selves and immediate families existence.

  26. i think what baffels me the most is the amount of people who eithor suspect or know that there is something very wrong throughout the world and yet there is no logical or illlogical responce. Meaning I have ten Ideas to save our country starting with the fireing of all elected officails and nobody ever responds to them when I post them. Peaceful brave absolute non coperation is the only possible way to win. In the end God showed me that the end is comming and no matter how hard I try to save my country it is not going to happen, The good news is that Jesus is Lord and we all know who looses in the end

  27. TNWO does not want to kill off 80% of the human population, if anything they want to help advance the human race and free us from oppression.

    • ARE YOU INSANE?? The NWO wants us all dead. It’s a huge, complex, evil, looming, and definite conspiracy. They will take over and create their one world government. The majority of us will not survive it. Wake up people…

  28. You guys are wasting your lives worrying about something you couldn’t possibly change. You talk about “allegiance” and how we should rise together.. But have any of you made efforts to change ANYTHING? There are way worse problems at hand that are effecting us more than this conspiracy. You don’t have to take your signs to Washington to make change. Start with small things like recycling, treating people with respect, and for God’s sake learn to forgive those who do you wrong. There are way too many murders in these days that could have been solved by just walking away. When we get everyone on board with that we will be just fine. Disregard these shannanigans and stick to the basics.

  29. This needs to happen for the progress of humanity to continue… its not the extermination… but the spreading of humanty…

  30. I have wondered if some of the Greek and other legends and beliefs had some concept in historical fact? The gods wanted us to pray to them and believe in them. From this they acquired power and strength as depicted by the Greek Gods and legends. The occult worshippers often studied and believed these concepts in turn worked with the knowledge.
    The manna making devices called by some mono atomic gold. The changes made in translation ifor the names of Jesus. According to the people that studied these things when Yeshua was translated from Hebrew into Greek the name became Jesus (Isus or Iseus) note that Isus is actually an Egyptian deity. I can not understand why the Greek could not say or write Yeshua? The difference in the pronunciation? Maybe the Greek alphabet had no Y? We could write and say Yeshua as I am sure a lot of languages could. So why change it?
    Could it have been done on purpose? Or was it actually the only way it could be translated?
    If there were supposed to be no changes in the Bible? Why are there changes?


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