why exactly do christians believe medium/psychics are the devils work?

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Why? I think that God gave them this gift to help others, and many do by the way. Where exactly does it say in the bible? cause i would like to read it, but i cant find it. Enlighten me please. Im bored and this question has been on my mind for a while. (:

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ֆӈαԃoω ƒlαϻε

they believe everything pagan is the devil’s work.

Savage serenity

I don’t know. A lot of psychics are frauds.
Some of them may have unnatural abilities. I think that God certainly can reveal future events, but so can Satan (although his powers are limited).

IRev. Albert Einstein

Old testament says thses things are an “abomination” in God’s eyes.


The Old Testament warns in several places of God’s people dealing with mediums. Also, you can read about Saul and the witch of Endor in I Samuel 28.


no one can predict the future except God himself


These people are fakes. They are interested in one thing; money.
The bible condemns sorcery and witchcraft, and that’s all this stuff is. And if anyone does have a power, it’s from satan. How do we know this? Watch and see if anyone ever gives glory to Jesus Christ. No, they don’t.


If they would use the word ‘prophet’, that might be OK…although some would say the person is a ‘false’ prophet.
With some people, there’s just no winning 😉


People fear what they don’t understand. In my opinion, if Christians are afraid of it, it must be of the devil to them. They read of *one* instance in the Bible where a woman is a medium, and translate that into the meaning that everybody who is a medium is of the devil. What they don’t understand is that the 12 disciples were mediums of the Holy Spirit. And since Christians are in an organization where they aren’t allowed to think for themselves, but must rely on preachers for interpretations (preachers, by the way, being mediums of the Parakletos, under good conditions, and mediums of other spirits under other conditions), whatever the preacher says, goes.
Unfortunately modern preachers, a bunch of them, are full of beans, and not mediums of the Holy Spirit. The last thing they would want would be someone who knew better than them, so they discourage people with the Old Testament story of the witch who had a familar spirit and summoned the dead. They are just doing what they do best, which is to twist scripture.
Sorry for my ramblings but I’m bored at the moment too.


Anyone who practices astrology, medium, magic etc. &anyone who believes in it these things are detestable to the Lord. Old Testament Deuteronomy 18:10, New Testament Revelation 22:15


Devils work… C’mon, u guys all see that… If it doesn’t Glorify the name of Jesus… FogetaBoutittttt! Jesus is the way, the ONLY way, no1 goes to the father but thought Jesus! Stay away from those kind on things, it can open up demonic doors to u an ur life! Rebuke it in the name Of Jesus! God Bless!

Justin Mcgallian

I am a Christian, and i see where you’re coming from and the reason the bible is against it is because mediums act as intermediaries for spirits, which from the biblical perspective is more likely to be a demon than anything. The verse stating not to practice magic is leviticus (old testament) 19:26, it says do not eat any meat with the blood still in it (keep reading) do not practice fortune-telling or sorcery. and then theres also exudus 22:20, “Whoever sacrifices to any god other than the LORD must be destroyed. they’re pretty direct on that, although different translations can be interpretted differently.


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