Home Discussion Forum Why exactly did that witch have an oven in her gingerbread house?

Why exactly did that witch have an oven in her gingerbread house?

Doesn’t gingerbread burn easily? And what does she do when it rains? Don’t you think there are better building materials out there for her to make her house out of?


  1. well probably to make new pieces of her house so when her house gets broken! or old! And she has to eat somehow, doesn’t she?
    I think it was a good idea to make a ginger bread out. where she lived there was no rain ;] duhh.

  2. How do you think that the witch made a gingerbread house in first place if she didn’t have an oven?
    as for the other questions, its magic gingerbread so it doesn’t matter.

  3. The oven was to turn children into cookies, of course.
    rain… umm… maybe she has lots of tarps in back that the story didn’t talk about.

  4. Isn’t that the story where that old witch lured children into her home? If that’s the case, I just answered my own question. Most children love candy and anything sweet, they also love cookies gingerbread and many other various things more so than others, so I’d say any child would be attracted to a gingerbread house, and so, that’s exactly why she has the house made out of gingerbread, to lure unsuspecting children. After all, an old lady with a gingerbread house couldn’t possibly be harmful, right?

  5. I would agree the oven was needed to bake more gingerbread for exterior home repair, or additions.
    Matt? Sneezy is an emotion?

  6. Wow, I’ve never answered a mythology question before.
    Didn’t the gingerbread house have a chimney, I think that the smoke and heat left through the chimney.
    And since this is mythology and folklore, I can’t go wrong. 🙂

  7. Well, she’s a witch. She can protect her gingerbread house from burning. I suppose she likes to cook every now and then, or likes the smell of food baking, and she obviously needed it for the children. It probably also was her source of heat in the winter.

  8. The poor lady has just been malined. She was merely feeding evil ungrateful children that pushed her into the oven. Gee thanks a lot for feeding us.
    Same goes for step mom and the dad that willingly staid with that evil stepmother.
    In fact the lady in the gungerbread house is the only good and faultless person in the whole story.


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