Why, during astral travel, is it so often like twilight on the astral plane?





This happens whether I am sleeping at night time or daytime. I see my home, my neighborhood, etc. all in semi-darkness. Why?


  1. omg same with me!!! no joke!!!! one time…..i astral projected at night, used a roll out technique, and when i was ‘hovering’ down my hallway (lol i could have went through the walls come to think of it) everything was kind of tinted green and dark…. it was CREEPY!!!! plus to add, like they say, things are a bit different up in the astral, so my hallway was actually bigger and taller haha!!!
    when i got to my kitchen!!! >.> it was so dark and like green……….
    WHen i had one in daytime (although it mixed with a dream so i dunno) things weren’t green but really bright!
    i’m happy that you have the courage to project at night 😀 i’m still like >.> <.< i'd imagine time is different on the astral plane to so take that into consideration!! 😀 i'd like to know what technique you use....as i haven't had one in two weeks 🙁

  2. Your neighborhood is not in the center of heaven, but on the outskirts and the sun is on the level of your physical body. The center of God is your sun then.

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