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Why don't you try to develop your psychic powers?

It’s normal it’s nature. We all have at least one psychic power. Why don’t we develop them? Why do people let go of their talents?
No I mean in general I try develop my powers. But the world in general doesn’t the call natural powers paranormal!


  1. good question…unfortunatly i dont have an answer. but maybe its because we need to have 100 % self confidennce in knowing that we can actually develop these powers. but thats just a guess…
    hope this helps=)

  2. Hi, I like this question so have a star.
    Yes everyone of us has a psychic ability but the problem these days is alot of people have lost touch with their inner selves, they disbelieve in things they can not touch or see and alot of people are affraid of anything thats beyond the mundane world.
    To answer your question though i would say most people dont know how to develop their psychic powers and most people dont actually believe they have any.

  3. alot of people don’t due to the fact that they don’t believe in them. you can’t develope something that you don’t want to acknowledge. others like me are fine with what they know and what they can do. and it is almost fearful to think that i would be capable of more. i am comforatable with the senetivities i have now and to think my life could get a lot more complicated does not appeal to me. don’t get me wrong sometimes i wonder what it would be like, however with everything that i go through now it would almost be complicating my life if my abilities were to grow somehow.

  4. I read some books years ago that had such stuff. I tried it, and it didn’t work. By now, I know such stuff is nonsense. Psychic powers do not exist. Only obvious frauds claim they have them.

  5. I am so intuitive it bothers me.my mother was like this also.i dream the future. and just know things before hand.i can lay my hand on people for severe pain and the pain goes away immediately.also. i told a friend to move he didn’t he was shoot dead two weeks later in his from yard i took in his two sons for three years.. i saw a large explosion in new york before 911 and told a lot of people their would be a large explosion.I had thought it would be a small nuke though. i woke up at three in the morning what? four hours later i found out a friend John had died. i have known every time i was going to get in a car wreck and it happens. i could write a darn book on things i have seen before hand.i eat at a Chinese buffet all the time and one night i dreamed of a large salmon fish sliding out of a stainless steel container , the next day they added salmon to the buffet.
    I picked a stock,.” computer service center” stock once when i used to play around with that when i was 16 years old, it Jumped out of the paper at me.so to speek. so i sold all i had and it went from 25 cents a share to Five dollars a share in 7 months.I then bought my mother a new coat with a mink trim. and my parents a new washer and dryer i was so proud to help mother pick out that coat.I told a lady a few years ago at the store that she had a kidney infection and arthritis and something else i cant remember and told her what to do for it.i didnt know her. i am an herbilist and she did what i said and it cured her.but her husband came up to me asking ,who do you think you are ? God? I didnt say anything back..i have herbs and people come to me and i give them mixtures to take for their illness.a girl i got pregnant was in the hospital and she was very sick.the doctor said she might not make it thru the night. i went home and prayed and mixed up some tea and sat up all night with her giving it to her with a teaspoon. and she was well by morning.taking the Silva mind control course and Helen Hadsells course when i was 17 years old.inproved my abilties a good bit .

  6. There are many Psychic abilities that are so subtle people do not realize they have the abilities and thus, they do not exercise or develop them. It can be as simple as being a finder or a dowser. If a person does not know, and, especially if the person belongs to a religion that denigrates psychic powers, the abilities never develop past the nascent.

  7. you are one who can see when you know that people hate what they do not understand most say that this is evil but i say it is part of are reason for being

  8. Well honestly, I think that most people nowadays are so insensitive that they simply cannot call upon their powers like the smart ones do! ;o)
    It also may be because a LOT of people don’t even beleive in psychic powers, even if they can use their more spiritual side… Most people nowadays simply do not listen to their other side, for fear of being judged and called crazy!
    I felt like that before, what about you?

  9. So many people have stopped believing… It’s because people usually don’t believe something unless they’ve seen it. I’ve heard that our powers have gone dormant because we’re at the top of the food chain and don’t need them. So we’ve adapted, since there’s less to defend from, we got weaker. I actually wished that we were somewhere in the middle, just so we could get our psychic power back. 🙁 Some people say that the doctors believe in this. It’s also said that, if you tell them you think you have a psychic power, they’ll say you’re probably faking. They know you’re not. Then they give you a “medicine” that is supposed to change you enough to take the power away. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.


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