Home Discussion Forum Why don't you believe in Zodiac Signs & Astrology?

Why don't you believe in Zodiac Signs & Astrology?

also whats your sign – how are you different from the characteristics of the sign


  1. I love using Zodiac and Astrology as a tool, i dunno if I believe in it, but I think it’s cool.
    I once read a book all about astrology and the technicalities of it. It was interesting, it’s like a psuedo-science, but I think it’s cool.
    But it’s not like I’m going to trust it now either…

  2. The idea that the planets and astronomical bodies influence human behavior is sort of ridiculous, and unscientific, to begin with, but astrology also presupposes that you have a destiny. I don’t believe in destiny; humans have free will, as far as I’m concerned. Astrology is just a pseudo-science.
    I’m a Capricorn, but I have no idea what the characteristics are.

  3. Umm no, but its fun anyhow.
    Im a virgo, and it fits me very well, but so do a lot of other signs because they are all made broad enough to represent all of us as humans characteristics and features.

  4. Way assume things. Though I think astrology stuff is just for fun.
    Mine fits me pretty well, only thing I can recall right now that doesn’t match me is claims of all the laziness and eating.
    What do ya think mine is… Screen name speaks for itself.

  5. I’m a Pisces, and most descriptions apply to me. Using a more thorough chart, it’s even more accurate with a few discrepancies. It’s all general. But to read the daily horoscopes, as fun as it can be, is basically useless. They rarely get it right.

  6. Because the stars and planets may speak but not that *statically* (as though they only say a single thing because they happen to be in a certain place).
    I’m a Christian who studied astrology *extensively* before becoming a Christian.

  7. Hey, I’ve been around the world too. I think there could be something to astrology….some tiny little force, but I found it much more effective in spiritual life to go to the Source of Power, the One Who created the stars and planets, and moons and the gravitational pull between them…God’s wisdom is so far more complex and intricate and comprehensive than the force of some stone in space, or collection of molecules…like a star. When I became a Christian, when somebody asks me my sign, I show the the Cross I wear from my Baptism, and say that’s my sign now.
    And just so you know, in astrology, every body has every sign somewhere in their chart…it just depends on which house it’s in…and where that house is located for that person’s chart… Anyway, I believe in God Who created the planets and stars that astrologers study. I think that’s better, don’t you?

  8. Connect the dots with the stars? How could I not believe? Did you know that due to dark energy the constellations are starting to become unrecognizable. One day in the near future we will no longer have them. I wonder if we would make replacement constellations. Oh and I’m a gemini not sure what its associated with.


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