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Why don't politicians prevent demonic rockers from using telepathy to make people mentally ill and sick?

Do politicians truly care about God’s people? Will they hide in the shadows of denial forever while countless people are afflicted?
Politicians could have the US Dept of Health document telepathy and take the necessary steps to help people. Plus, politicians could use existing laws to prevent the airwaves from being used to denigrate society. All the evidence can be found on computers used by entertainers and by others. It should publicly be presented to Congress. It’s harming people; don’t you even care?


  1. We all face temptations every day, the thing we are SUPPOSED to teach our children is that they don’t have to YIELD to it, or claim they are “victims”, you have to have the desire, to give in or resist.

  2. Good grief, just when you think you’ve seen most of the ignorance on here it pops up again.
    No, I don’t care because it’s only you that is being affected by this telepathy. I flunked that course, couldn’t receive a thing.

  3. Perhaps, they have already bought their last record. Now being under their control, it’s too late now. Ah well, at least we still have the oldies stations for priate radio.. haha

  4. That was already tried before a court in the case of Judas Priest the rock band and the brothers that killed their parents after they listened to their music repeatedly. same thing with the McDonalds shooter for listening to the song The Warrior by Scandal. The perpetrators are always shown to be mentally unstable. Charles Manson and The Beatles. the list goes on and on. Freedom of speech is a two way street my friend.


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