i have psychic gifts which are clairvoyance, medium, empath. i found out i was different and i picked up things about people i never met, had visions, and saw spirits before. people think my psychic gifts are from the devil. i told my mom i saw someone dead last year and she did’nt believe me. she said it was the devil. she thinks my gifts are called prophet. i’m not a prophet. psychic medium is what they call it. i had people think i’m crazy and last year of 09 i was sent to a mental hospital becuz i tollled somone i saw spirits. i had a person not like me becuz of that basically judging me for no reason. i want to use my gifts to do missing person cases and help people. can somone on yahoo answers pray for me and hope things get better for me and for me to be strong.


  • hey marcy, instead of asking for good will and good wishes from a bunch of shallow mindless people i would suggest you to keep your powers under the veil and polish them till they are ready to be used for society’s good. i completely believe in psychic powers and i know people who owns them are regarded as lunatics.. but i think you should invisibly laugh at dose stupid powerless people who call you so. find yourself a wise teacher and guardian who would guide you about this.

    if you are really blessed with psychic powers you are above such cheap and shallow thinking and self opinions. you should get ready for to achieve your real purpose.
    the following site will help u for sure:

  • Ok, the reason for this is that people are brought and raised in a society, where everything is physical. lol. nothing else. The government mainly controls everything and tries to manipulate everyones minds in to believing that we are just stupid, beings, brought upon this planet, to serve the purpose of just being born, working, breed, then to die. Nothing else.
    But in fact, you have become aware of the actual world. The beautiful world in which we all live in. It is much more than what just meets the eye. This is also where people have problems, if they don’t see it, then they don’t believe it. Which closes their mind and makes them blind pretty much.
    So if someone was to hear that you were seeing things which aren’t “physically” there, then 9 times out of ten, they would think you are crazy. Why? Because we are brought up thinking that crazy people see things which arent “physically” there.
    It is quite sad really. So many people in the world are totally stuck in there ways and so closed minded, that they are barely even experiencing reality at all. Arr, it just frustrates me. lol. This amazing world is meant to be experienced by everyone, not ignored.!.. .lol .
    Anyways this is why I have created a website in to help people become aware, and open there mind.

    But first let me just explain this to you. Do not tell these things to people who dont believe, as they will just put you down and stomp on your beliefs. If someone does that to you, all you can do is laugh anyway. You have experienced so much more in your life so far, than what they could ever even imagine to have experienced, in their whole life. So keep strong. You dont need us to pray for you. Just remember to those who dont want to believe, dont share your experiences with them. Stay strong and true to yourself. Control your thoughts, and you control your life. So if you want your life to get better, think good, happy thoughts, and thats the way your life will be.

    Everybody has these abilities, even god says so. He says that everybody is equal, and what jesus can do, we can do to.

    Chi Practitioner

    Oh yer, If you were interested in my website, this is the addresss:

  • “i have psychic gifts…”

    No, you don’t.

    “last year of 09 i was sent to a mental hospital”

    Wow, surprising! Wait…actually it’s not. A 10 year old could diagnose you with a mental disorder by just reading your pathetic little post.

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