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Why dont people talk about telepathy?

It seems to me that it happens all the time. I am trying to mention it to people when it happens. I think everyone else should too.


  1. I think you are confusing yourself, we all try to read others minds, but what we are actually doing is picking up on behavior or facial sighs.

  2. Not many people believe in it unfortunately. It seems as though some people want to wait until the evidence kicks them in the butt before they believe it.

  3. Why would someone who could communicate telepathically bother talking at all? Be a bit like calling someone on the phone who’s in the same room with you. (-:
    They don’t talk about it because they know people who know what “confirmation bias” means will ridicule them.

  4. i think we (those who believe in ‘modern civilization’) suffer from a hidden/unconscious collective agreement not to look to hard at things that undermine our sense of what is real and what is not. we do this in order to keep in step with each other. make up a game and agree to play along.
    no one really has any idea what is going on. science is interesting because it can be shared easily (relatively), but there is a lot science can’t explain.
    as soon as you start to undermine the status quo – or any game – people who cling to it will become afraid and defensive. think of how people treat gays and transgender folks.
    basically, we are afraid of the unknown, or more importantly, of not knowing – in other words afraid of the dark. you might say we are children, or you might say we are weak.


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