Home Discussion Forum Why don't Creationists ever ask non-biologists to explain nitpicking biology questions?

Why don't Creationists ever ask non-biologists to explain nitpicking biology questions?

I keep seeing questions like “where does Evolution say the first matter came from”, or “how do Evolutionists think the Big Bang happened?”
I’ve never seen one say anything like “oh yeah, how do geologists explain the functioning of the pineal gland” or “oh yeah, well how does astronomy account for the structure of milk proteins”.
Why do you think that is? Why do you figure people demand so much from the poor biologists, but let all the other scientists out there off the hook?


  1. Well, then they wouldn’t be able to accept other sciences or they’d have to admit that the reason why evolution doesn’t explain gravity is because it has nothing to do with gravity.

  2. Since they don’t understand science, I’ll give a better example. That’s like asking what the Egyptians sacrificed to Poseidon.

  3. They ask people who support evolution non-biologically related questions because they don’t understand the theory of evolution well enough to ask critical questions about it.

  4. Well their creation belief encompasses all those things. The creation of the universe, and life.
    Since most Creationists don’t bother to study science at all, many assume that evolution encompasses all of those things as well. They don’t understand that each event, the beginning of our universe, the start of life, and how that life changes over time, are all separate areas of study.
    Or worse, they know that all those disciplines are separate, but are intellectually dishonest with the ignorant masses, who will just nod their heads and fail to research themselves to find the truth.

  5. Personally I keep wondering what they think an “Evolutionist” even is. It’s not like evolutionary biology is a religion with an established dogma and creed to which all “true believers” subscribe. Their idea that evolution is a religion causes them to ask questions to which their religion has ready answers in the belief that it proves their religion is better. For the most part they haven’t a clue what the Theory of Evolution actually says or means, nor do they care.

  6. The purpose of their questions is not to understand biology (or science in general). Their purpose is an attempt to paint evolution (and science in general) as confused, misleading, and unsupported. It’s not that they let other scientists off the hook, they don’t understand enough science to perceive their own shortcomings, nor are they interested in deeper understanding. They post cut and pasted questions from creationist websites in hopes that they can recruit like-minded individuals, and influence policy makers. For them this is missionary work, required by their church which is more of a political entity than a spiritual one.

  7. Well I think there are 2 reasons. 1) they just are not educated or intelligent enough to come up with such questions. 2) they want to make sure they are asking an unanswerable question (this being the only one they can think of goes back to my first point). The hypocracy is that faith also has unanswerable questions just as science does so neither can say the other is false based on the inability to answer all questions. BTW I consider myself a creationist. I am not christian but my traditional faith is also based on creation however I don’t think that faith discounts science or vice versa.


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