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Why Don't Catholics Believe in Ghosts?

They believe in angels, demons, and all kinds of non-human spiritual entities, so why not ghosts? My own guess would be because it implies some sort of existence after death, and of course, according to Catholics, the only way for any part of you to continue after death is via Jesus. So either you believed in Jesus and went to Heaven (in which case you wouldn’t be haunting anywhere), or you didn’t, in which case no part of you would continue after death and you would die utterly, again not leaving anything hanging around to do any haunting. Or, I suppose, you’d end up in hell, again not leaving anything behind to do any haunting (although from my understanding of the Bible, non-believers don’t go to hell; they just die and that’s it. Game over. But that’s another topic lol). So anything that did appear to be a ghost would therefore be either a hallucination, or some non-human entity masquerading as a human ghost.
But that doesn’t explain all the reports of ghost animals (which according to Christians have no souls, so what is doing the haunting?).
This isn’t some deep crisis of faith as I’m not Christian let alone Catholic, but I was chatting with a Catholic friend who said Catholics officially didn’t believe in ghosts, although she couldn’t explain why not. So, if anyone knows: why not?


  1. They “officially” don’t believe in ghosts? Someone didn’t tell my mother’s side of the family then. HUGE Catholic family. And I can’t think of any off-hand that didn’t believe in ghosts in some way. My grandmother claimed to speak with them and see them, along with other members of the family.

  2. Ok, I am a Catholic and I, and every other Catholic I know believes in ghosts (or spirits or entities or whatever else you want to call them). Before and after we pray we make the sign of the cross. The sign of the cross consists of touching your index finger to the middle of your forehead, the middle of your chest, right side of the chest and the left side of the chest. With that we say, In the name of the Father (forehead), the Son (middle of our chests) and the Holy Spirit (right and left side of our chest). We believe in a Holy ghost/spirit. I, personally, have seen spirits, and so have other members of my family. The thing that scares me is the fact that there are so many reports of hauntings that it begs me to think, Why are they still here? Wouldn’t you want to cross over? Are we presented with a choice of being able to stay or move on? Is that some form of purgatory? I also disagree with other Christians saying that animals dont go to Heaven (that they dont have souls) thats basically saying that men are the only ones with souls who can have another life. (kinda selfish imao). Honestly the answer to this question will just raise more questions than answers, but I hoped i helped a little bit! =]

  3. All Hallow’s Eve literally means the eve, or day before, all hallows, or “holy ones.”
    The Lord’s Prayer, used by many Christians, contains the phrase, “hallowed be thy name.” Medieval Christians hallowed, or honored, not only God, but also all the saints who worked for God’s work in the world and glorified the Church with their prayers and service.
    For centuries, Christians celebrated the eve before a major feast or holiday, also known as a vigil, with prayers, candles, and offerings to the saints. All Hallow’s Eve was the vigil for Hallowmas during that time.
    Hallowmas, also known as All Hallows, is literally translated as “Mass of the Holy Ones.”

  4. Just because you talk to one Catholic does not mean that they speak for the whole Catholic Church. It is a little like asking one Catholic if they like pie and then assume that all other Catholics have the same taste as them.
    Many do, some don’t. It is not a point of our faith either way.

  5. I am Catholic and I have never heard of that! I believe that ghosts are real I have seen one. All of my friends do also. I think that it was just that person. Have you ever seen shadows walking? What do you think that is?


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