Why don't Black women have much energy until I turn the music on?

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At one of my jobs the Black women won’t move too fast. I found the trick to get them to move, I put a little rap on and they get their 200 + pound bodies moving like there is a fire.

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Chef Quiet

I’m not 200 pounds and I don’t listen to rap so I wouldn’t know. I am guessing you had to do this with your wife as well.


Black Grown woman dont really listen to Rap more R&B and Jazz

Becs, Moi je joue ♥

I think you’re potential rapist.
Black women watch out!

Happiness Is Key! =]

f*ck you.


Becs. Quit lying to yourself. Nobody wants to rape someone that big.

Julia I



You sound like a moron. The way your statement is worded implies that all black women are slow, lack energy and weigh 200+ pounds. Which is something that anyone who has atleast a singluar working brain cell knows is no where near true. It’s a wonder you are able to even work a computer sweet heart…I am truely amazed that someone as mentally retarded as you can even spell.


Because the music drowns out your whining voice?


i dont freakin know…i wish i was Black!!

This Fire Burns x



Lol 200 lb bodies?


loose out rapist on the move, people beware.


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