Home Discussion Forum Why don't atheists just go on and mess around with the occult?

Why don't atheists just go on and mess around with the occult?

come on! Go grab a Ouija board, visit or move into an easy-to-buy “haunted house”, attend Seances, take pictures in a cemetery at night, practice Wicca and Kundalini Yoga, mess around with witchcraft and the occult, conjure up magic spells, try to contact ETs, Astral project using binarual beats, develop psychic powers, etc What could possible go wrong?
If you believe in an immortal soul (which is clearly a biblical heresy) you are already a possessed necromancer in the occult realm…


  1. The occult is equally as ridiculous and dangerous as other religions… so I denounce all that hocus pocus.
    Atheists are more interested in being good people.

  2. what does the occult and atheism have to do with? i am a pagan, who believes in the occult. Atheists do not believe in God, therefore (this is a guess on my part) wouldn’t believe in the spiritual realm either.

  3. Most Atheists probably did at one point in time. Every Atheist I know pretty much came to the conclusion that all of that stuff is a bunch of BS on their own.

  4. You’re making little sense. I have a Ouija board and I’ve been in a graveyard at midnight on Halloween. I’ve visited Harper’s Ferry, WV which is supposedly the best place to see a ghost and yet with all of that I’ve experienced nothing. I even had my tarot cards read and she was so wrong about me. So no, I don’t believe in witches, goblins, ghosts or gods. What’s your point?

  5. Erm, because I don’t believe in that either? The Ouija board is a toy, I don’t have the money to buy a house, seances are pretend, my digital doesn’t do night photos real great and it’s spooky but like any other spooky place in the dark, I don’t believe in Wicca, etc, I don’t have the technology to contact aliens, what?, psychic powers aren’t real in the way people want to believe…

  6. I’m not so sure that you know what an atheist is.
    They don’t believe they have an immortal soul at all. They would say that death is death and that’s it no more or less. Atheists would believe no more in any of the occult things than christian things.

  7. There would be no point, to put it politely, you’d be pulling yourself. Magic is not Samantha Stevens in Bewitched, it takes hard work, dedication and belief. Besides just because the atheists don’t believe in a higher power doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect them, the Law of Three-fold Return still applies.

  8. Ignorance is bliss. This is what’s stated here. Atheists do not believe in god/gods. How can they dabble in the occult? Paganism is all about the higher power. Do your homework, please?

  9. … you have no idea what you’re talking about, atheists don’t believe in any god, while wiccans do, they believe there is the God and Goddess,
    so obviously if the “atheist” went and practiced wicca then they would not be an atheist.
    and seriously? “possessed necromancer”? what are you? 12?
    either that or you play too many games,
    before you try and destroy other peoples beliefs try and study them and THEN point out what you think is wrong…and why (and try to do that without your precious bible..if you can)

  10. Point duly noted. I have never met a single atheist who has done real research or experimentation in the occult. They simply dismiss it as impossible without ever really looking into it. At best, they will take the John Stossle approach and go to a goofy psychic fair, find some phony psychics, and then conclude that the occult as a whole is fraudulent. Dawkins did this in his “Enemies of Reason” documentary.
    It is perhaps noteworthy that many atheists would still deny the paranormal even if, for instance, a dead relative appeared to them at a seance. Since “science” has already proven that no such thing could possibly occur, then that thing standing there must be a hallucination or a hologram, like on Scoobie Doo.


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