why dont all jews study the kabbalah? dont you feel that you are missing out on something?

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aren’t you intrigued by i?. is it a common desire of all jews to aspire to have a better understanding of your holy book?
whats it all about?

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Most the people who think they are studying the Kabalah are actually studying watered down and homogenized golden dawn and christian mysticism only they don’t know it. And if your aware of the events of Rabbi Sevi and others then you’d know why.
But I just realized I didn’t actually answer your question. I think people priorities get in the way of seeing. Although I can’t speak for the Jews. I feel not studying the Kabalah would be missing out on something. But that is true of so many things.
What’s it all about? The Kabalist them selves say it takes at least 40 years and I am suppose to summarize in a Yahoo post? I would say if you want to know about the Kabalah just try to list all the books that are suppose to be in it. I have done this at least 5 separate times over the years times and then compiled the answers and if that doesn’t put you firmly in the middle of the problem nothing will. Let me just say every list was different and it kept growing.
Most of the geometry seems to be coming from the glyph of the Tree of Life. I suggest looking at the representations listed in all the books and you will notice the further back you go the less it looks like what you’ve been told.
Now answer the question why the early ones look like that and I believe you will have the answer not even Rabbi’s get. But that’s my opinion and what do I know?

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Not for everyone apparently, no age restrictions, but certainly not taught to teenagers, but even relatively young people have to be brilliantly knowledgeable of the Torah and Talmud
The Kabbalah is a group of works which present mystical interpretations of the Jewish holy books, known as Tanakh, which consist of the Torah (5 books of Moses), Novim (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings).
Is a system where the letters in the Hebrew alphabet have a numerical value, so passages can mean different things from what they read if you’re in the know.
Some master of the Kabbalah, Isaac ben Samuel of Acre worked out the Universe was 15.3 billion years old almost 700 years ago. Not bad when Einstein for years thought the Universe had always been here and was never created.
This is an interesting site, not approved by many, but give you an idea
There’s also Christian Kabbalists, completed dismissed by Kabbalists


I know that kabbalah sounds intriguing. A Jew should be at least 40 and mastered a lot of Torah before studying. We hear references to it here and there, but it’s typically not studied. Also, people who DO study it don’t advertise.
Kabbalah is about all sorts of topics. Just like the Torah. It’s considered a book of the secrets of the Torah.


The level to which kabbalah is misunderstood is amazing. Partly its because of the cults and the scamsters that use it to make money and to bilk the ignorant knowing their is little chance any of them will catch them out.
In reality- the reason why study of kabbalah is restricted is not because its magic or divulging the ultimate secrets of the universe- but because the knowledge within it is incomprehensible unless you have the necessary foundation knowledge to be able to put it into context and to understand what is being taught.
Lets look at a comon example I have seen here in Yahoo. People talk about the ten sefirot- I have seen more than one poster refer to these as “aspects” of G-d and turning it into a concept that closely resembles the trinity of Christianity. The reality is that they are not- they are ways of trying to describe how an infinite being restricts our view of itself when we deal with it. The sefirot are filters through which we perceive different character traits- each trait manifesting in different strengths and visibility depending on how G-d feels it would would best serve his purposes. But the misunderstanding of this concept- the first incorrect understanding, is one that is idolatrous in a Jewish context- and this is the conundrum faced by the teachers when teaching kabbalah is addressed. How do you ensure that concepts are taught properly and do not lead to idolatry? For this reason it is only taught when the requisite knowledge is there- and then only in one on one situations
Think of it through this analogy; You don’t find a professor lecturing to a hall full of doctoral candidates and then them going off to study and write an exam. At that level each requires individual attention as the concepts and understanding needed to be derived through discussion and analysis. The same applies to Kabbalah study- it is the doctoral and post doctoral studie of the Jewish world; only through individual discussion, debate and learning can the necessary information within the context of each students framework and understanding, be given across accurately
edit: Beware the links oren posts. They are all to the “Bnei Baruch kabbalah centre” it is NOT genuine kabbalah- it is the misunderstandings of one Michael Laitman; a self styled Rabbi despite never having recived smichah (Rabbinical Ordination). As with all cults- they have a very pretty front and sound good to those who don’t understand how they are are warping the truth and have no real understanding of real kabbalah. All I can say if you do decide to go there: Caveat Emptor- Let the buyer beware.


Because the study of Kabbalah was forbidden by kabbalists for many year. However, now, as you can see, kabbalah is open for everyone.
Kabbalah is not about understanding the holy books of some religion. It is not about earthly desire for knowledge. Kabbalah is the science of the upper worlds it is the method for attaining to the level of the creator. This is the method by which the creator plans to bestow infinite pleasure on us – which is the purpose of creation. we only lack the vesels to receive this pleasure and therefore we need the wisdom of Kabbalah (Kabbalah in Hebrew means reception)
I suggest watching this short video about what kabbalah is and what it is not.
Here are links with more information about this subject.
I hope it helps clear the mess 😉




Go to this site http://www.kabbalah-arizal.nl/ and download Kabbalah for Complete Life Management…there are also quite a few different pdf files in English…start with KforCLM…Do not mess with B.B!!!


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