Sunday, September 26, 2021

why doesn't society acknowledge astral projection?

after i had my first obe i was thinking omg! why doesnt the majority of ppl know about this! its so much apart of who we are and western society is practically blind to it ..its Crazy..society should be hailing this. we should be told this as young children


  1. Er…lack of evidence that its anything but meditation+vivid hallucinations makes it something not really worth teaching as fact, though the experience can still be, as you’ve stated, quite enjoyable.

  2. I think that children aren’t really told about astral travel because it can be dangerous. I’m sure you were warned ahead of time about the possibility of getting “lost”. Can you imagine what could happen if a child did? I don’t think it would be pretty…. and it would definitely be quite traumatic. No, children should really stay as close to their physical forms as possible.

  3. Oh, yes, astral projection… Hm, obe… What are those, anyway?
    I understand you and I agree with you, but you have to know the essence of the world we live in: if it doesn’t bring money it’s not worth learning it, or teaching it, or promoting it.
    Peace be with you. And the Force.

  4. First you posted in the wrong category: R&S is riddled with hard core Christians: what do you think they’re going to say. This belongs in either Mythology & Folklore or Paranormal sections. (M&F has lots of Wiccans and folks into alternative spirituality & things of that nature. Paranormal is mostly about ghosts).
    The part of your message that starts “its so much apart of who we are ” to the end has me convinced you were high, smoking something, when you typed this since it doesnt make any sense whatsoever.
    I myself once tried to do AP and just as I felt “lifting” by the elbows next thing I know I woke up from dreamless sleep. Was the lifting real or dreamt? I do not know. Previous attempts were fruitless and not been inclined to try it again. Most people have to smoke drugs, peyote or whatever acid to have a AP trip. Or use AP CD’s.
    I am not sure if it’s real or not. I’m open to the possiblility. At the moment it has no place in my life. And to answer your question: because society doesn’t know anything about it, and when we do, it is an occult skill that few can master. I have, however, successfully mastered telekinesis which is way cooler, and had me a few lucid dreams. I don’t go around telling everyone that they should do telekinesis. I much prefer others not knowing about it, or that I can do it, so the power is on my side. I don’t use it for bad stuff, but definitely to my advantage: I am not a noble TV show character! :oP

  5. Society doesn’t acknowledge much of what they do not understand.
    You would need to establish proof. People called this being translated to other places. My family has experienced this a few times as a group.
    I wonder why it happens when it is uninvited . We were with a former skeptic neighbor running errands and didn’t mention it but everyone said ” do any of you recall what happened when we went into this place and no one did.” It feels like time has jumped or alien abduction experiences. This happens when I am late for a very important date . I cannot make this happen nor do I want to . I guess I did when I had to sing at a wedding but it may have been the bride’s desire to see me and mine combined. I don’t know but an hour trip can be condensed in ten minutes ..
    Maybe you are having other experiences.I have driven and suddenly ended up somewhere I needed to be with no directions across the country. .This has happened many times and twice with the family. No one really wants to hear about these things.
    I have described conversations and quarrels people had across the continent and no one thinks it is that cool. The think you are probably a witch. If you are not a witch., you are insane.or demonic.Why go into it with real people?
    Your best bet is to pretend you are a regular person who does nothing like this and wait for the world to catch up.
    I used to me fun of people like me. It will come back to bite you in the buttock
    . Maybe Eisenhower stuck worm holes along the interstate?I don’t know. I am only being silly part of the time.I broke up with a boyfriend over something I saw him do six states away. I also think this turns forgiveness into a major undertaking. I have heard conversations and could not address what they said without revealing too much about myself. These things complicate your life.
    We are not limited to our physical bodies. When science proves this , you can talk about it . Don’t hold your breath in the meantime.Who cares? You know what is going on.

  6. congratulations on your o.b.e 😀 quite amazing isn’t it? i think i have already adressed this to you in your other question.
    society doesn’t acknowledge it because….well most of society thinks its lies because anything that is ‘different’ remember, is the one that gets picked on. people don’t like the idea of O.b.e. because they think that their view of the after life is the ultimate right one. ppl don’t want to admit or hear what they don’t want to…..and it so happens to be projection
    i am going to say this…..i actually rather would like to not have people know about this……..cuz…….its could turn out ugly….nothing would be kept a secret anymore…….and people would be using it for all the wrong reasons….needless to say that those ppl would most likely be put on the lower planes so they woulnd’t bother ppl on the higher ones….but still……….i still like to keep it kinda hidden…yet i try to help the ppl that want to know about it because i know that they are going to be told that they need to stop smoking the weed or get their A$$ out of the toilet…………..people don’t like to notion that there is more to life or after life than what they think because it makes them feel like the don’t know anything…..and as humans we want to think we know everything……
    there are many reasons why…….and they are hard to explain but i don’t tell everyone about astral projection out of the blue…..and dude…its not a good idea to becuase you will get snubbed.
    i mean, when i was first learning about it, i asked a question on astral projection and EVERY SINGLE PERSON OUT OF LIKE 12 PPL all B.S. me. that didn’t stop my thirst to try it though…..and 2 months later…..i did……and now who’s the one going OHHHHH YEAH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IN YO FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!! O!!! YAH LOL (jk well not really LOL) 🙂


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