Why doesn't sexual fulfillment lead to self-actualization by itself?





Basically, Maslow pointed out that sex is a physiological need, however, there seems to me something more esoteric, like a spiritual communion….
There obvioulsy are dangers involved in trying to acheive self actualization by sex and by sex alone, yet, then it seems to me that sex is stricly physiological, which means the sociological and psychological function of sex breaks down, because there is nothing higher than an physiological need behind sex…
As a freshman college male, sex for me is journey for self actualization, and to my ego, eventually self transendence….but hey, thats just me.


  1. Sexuality feels good until you reach the ending. That is if your really INTO IT. YOU KNOW.
    I don’t know. Was that a good answer or was it not thought out properly. I don’t know you tell me about it. Or maybe keep it to yourself. Even these words sound like your still getting dissed. Ohh well. Whatever.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA! your looking way into nothing. sex feels good, it releases hormones, builds your self esteem and provides a temp connection with someone, thats it, and thats why we like it. it is not a need like air and water; it is a physical desire not for self actualization but for self improvement. he was a weirdo and probably never REALLY just got laid.

  3. Self-actualization is the instinctual need of humans to make the most of their abilities and to strive to be the best they can. Working toward fulfilling our potential, toward becoming all that we are capable of becoming. So if you want to become self actualized, you’d best be all about pleasing your partner. Only then do you display sexual ability.

  4. think of it this way, if it weren’t for the orgasmic ‘high,’ nobody’d do it twice. It’s the ‘hook’ as in addiction.

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