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Why doesn't reciting or hearing the Hare Krishna mantra cause me to enter a state of higher consciousness?


  1. The tonals allow you to correspond and vibrate sympathetically to a higher frequency.I wonder why they aren’t in airports anymore?

  2. God is the only Higher State of Consciousness. All you have to do is Pray, to God the Father through His Son Jesus and you will soon be there.
    God be with you,
    William a bond-servant of Jesus

  3. Be patient.. it doesn’t happen over night. It takes some practice. You have to make sure you are concentrating on the sound vibration of chanting the mantra, chant sincerely and think only of Krishna.
    -Do you have some beads to chant with? Hope so, if not you can buy them online http://www.thekrishnastore.com
    -Check out the link below.. it’s a forum from krishna.com where you can get tons of tips on chanting the mantra.
    hare krishna 🙂

  4. Dear Captain Copasetic, you have to understand the science of chanting Hare Krishna mantra.
    You have to surrender completely to Lord Krishna. Try slowly. Think about Krishna, talk about Krishna, sing about Krishna.
    Keep on chanting everyday. Don’t stop.
    Surrendering is not an easy task, this comes out of love for Krishna. Love for Krishna is aroused by constantly chanting his name and worshipping him.
    We all have love for Krishna in our heart. But over the years for many births we have been under the influence of material nature i.e we run after material things like money, fame etc and hence have developed forgetfulness about Krishna.
    By chanting Krishna’s name, the dust from our memory is slowly removed.
    You will achieve higher consciousness. But you must understand few things.
    Our mind has become impure(diseased). When one is ill he has to take medicine and that too a particular dosage everyday. He has to also follow some restrictions like avoiding some particular food etc. He recovers slowly , taking medicine every day and following some restrictions.
    Similarly Prabhupadaji has suggested chanting 16 rounds daily, avoiding non-veg etc.
    I know this is very difficult. I started with one round. I used to feel the same like you feel. But slowly I started feeling a strange love for Lord Krishna, a strange peace. I have increased it to 4 rounds. Some songs of Krishna make me cry. My hair stands on its end.
    Even you will feel the same. Once the dust goes away you will soon feel estacy.
    In this age of Kali-yuga the process of chanting japa or mantra meditation is much more effective than practicing other spiritual paths that include meditating on the void or Brahman effulgence, or trying to control the life air within the body as in raja-yoga. Only a very few can become perfect at moving the life air up to the top of the head or raising the kundalini force up through the various chakras. And meditating on the void becomes useless as soon as there is the slightest external distraction, which in this age of Kali is a continuous thing. Therefore, the most effective means of focusing the consciousness is to concentrate on the sound vibration of a mantra.
    Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, which is known as the maha or great mantra. It is explained that these two mantras can deliver one to the realm beyond material existence.
    Read this.
    You will definitely like it.


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