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Why doesn't everyone believe and live like the Yanamamo indians in the Brazilian Rain Forest?

Also Check out Napoleon Chagnon’s book: The Yanamamo


  1. Because I like to take hot showers everyday, and I reaaaaaally appreciated being able to have an epidural during childbirth.
    I respect their culture. It’s not that the way I live is better, it’s just better for me.

  2. The majority of people who live in remote areas do so mostly because this way of life is how they were raised and know of no other way.
    Most people live in the luxury, or lack of it, simply because it is and has been the way of their people for centuries. If you are a third or fourth generation city dweller, have never been in a wilderness area or lifestyle, would you pick up and move to a back bayou of Louisiana and live on only that which came from the water around your section of swamp? How about a farm in Nebraska? See what I mean?
    I have lived in both cities and in remote areas. Living off the land can be fun, but only if you know how. 15 years ago, I left the city and moved into a small cabin I built in the woods. I lived off the land, fishing and hunting for my food. I didn’t have electricity or running water for 6 years of it. I have only had running water now for 2 years. I’m still in the woods and love it, but many people couldn’t do it. It is hard to live this way and very few have the pioneer in their make up to even attempt it.


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