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Why doesn’t Buffy or any of the vampires study magick on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series?

I’m thinking Joss Whedon avoided this idea because a slayer using magick or a powerful vampire (esp. Angelus or Spike) using magick would make the the story lines too complicated or difficult. Angelus or Buffy would likely be unbeatable if they became extremely skilled in magick .


  • Angel did know a bit of it. I just do not think he liked to do it so much. In one episode, “Revelations,” we see him using a spell to try to get rid of the glove.

    Buffy I just don’t think is the kind of person to want to try magic. I mean, she never fully embraces the slayer in her.

    In “Buffy VS Dracula,” we see that Dracula likes to use smoke and mirrors. So we can assume that he dabbles in it.

    Also, in “What’s My Line Part 2,” we see Spike using a spell to try to heal Dru.

    So we do see some vamps using it. But I think for the most part, vamps mostly care about the blood they can spill (and drink). They are more for the gore, they would like to do the damage with their hands.

    Demons are more focused. And not all of them are so much with the having to spill blood with their hands. So, we do see some of them being able to control themselves enough to channel the energy to use it.

    We also have to think about the natural power issue. Some people are born with more power than others. Amy points this out when talking about Willow.

  • They didn’t study or use magic but apparently every vampire undergoes Karate practice because they all could fight. Also Buffy and Angel were pretty unbeatable without magic. And, Willow was kinda the magic girl on the show, and Giles.

  • Probably more because of the TV series “Charmed” which dealt strictly with magick. No vampires there (other than one episode where Paige was attacked by vampires under the order of the Vampire Queen).

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