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Why doesn't anyone know about DMT?

DMT- also known as the spirit molecule. Is the most powerful hallucinogen known to man.
This chemical is in all plants, animals, and humans.
This chemical is released from our pineal gland (also known as the third eye) that is centered in our brains.
When you sleep DMT is released. Thats why we have dreams.
When you die DMT is also released. So yes, when we die, we are plunged into a psychedelic trip.
The pineal gland is fully developed at 40 days in the womb. The same time a babies gender can be figured out.
DMT can be synthesized and smoked. Once smoked the user has an out of body experience. And is transported to pretty much another dimension. Many people have come in contact with other beings. Many people also begin to get scared because they are afraid they wont be able to get back to their bodies.
A DMT trip only lasts around 10-15 minutes.
Near death experiences can be compared to DMT experiences because DMT is released at NDE moments.
Thats why when people actually do have an NDE its hard for them to explain it and everyone thinks theyre crazy.
There is much much more on DMT and NDE’s.
Im just wondering why no one has any clue that this is in all of us.
I believe it truly is a spirit molecule and helps transport our spirits to this other dimension.
Here is a link to a documentary about DMT that’s coming out soon.
Pure DMT isnt harmful.
Idk where that person got that from…
We are energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed.
So i think when we die our energy is just sent somewhere else.
its very true. LOOK IT UP!
Salvia makes you trip for around 5-10 minutes…yeah. LOOK IT UP!
im sure none of you have studied it more than i have.


  1. “I believe it truly is a spirit molecule and helps transport our spirits to this other dimension.”
    Riiiiight… what’s your question again?

  2. DMT is what gave me spirituality, straight up… and to be honest I think anyone who has not experienced it is missing out on a complete outlook

  3. Hate to tell you this but pure DMT lasts longer than 10-15…it’s harmful to the body too because it’s way too much, and eventually your body has no way of knowing what te right amount is it needs for normal functioning. Messing with that is dumb..
    It can staywhere it is, far as I am concerned – if you find it synthesized, beware, cause believe me when I say they put all sorts in there…mostly stuff out of your kitchen. I’ve seen them do it with DMT, GHB, the works. And people believe the lies they get dold about pureness, because they want to.
    Sorry, but there’s the truth, not just the “good” news.

  4. Actually it is nothing more than a bodily defense mechanism that helps the brain cope with stressful times . problem is it like everything else in our body is a pisspoor design and malfunctions .

  5. Can’t speak for others but if I want to go elsewhere, visit other dimensions, contact other beings, or have an OBE, I can do it with meditation. Don’t need chemicals.

    • Hey you all, have you not heard of the plant called Sylvia? What DMT was described to do, Sylvia ( or Salvia sp might wanna check) does exactly that. People describe other dimensions, all of them claim to have traveled to other dimensions, PARDON NOT TRAVELED, but been immediately in upon inhaling this plant when dried, crushed and smoked. I have read that people claim that hands are reaching up from or through another dimension to pull them in to their dimension, freaked the hell out of them. Another said they went along and discovered they were in this beautiful place, but they were really tall! Lol!!
      About DMT being produced when we sleep, I had one of those BINGO moments. I have such vivid dreams that I swear I am in another dimension. It seems unreal, but when I have returned to this one dimension where It is always the same, and I pilot a flying “car” around this city always at night, or maybe no atmosphere? I do know that I wish with all my heart that I want the place to be real. Its so cool. But on the flip side, I have gone to this place where things attack me only at night, during the day they stay away.
      But thats another dialogue. So back to the DMT. Science has discovered the tip of the iceberg only. And so much more that we are not told about. We are lowly pions going through the motions every day. Wake up everyone change is coming.
      Our lives are going to get very interesting. Have any of you checked out the Gateways being discovered around the world?
      They are real, and we are going to be traveling through them to other wonderful places. SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

  6. Hallucinogens = the cure for world’s problems.
    Next year I’m going to take ayahuasca with Amazon shamans – want to go?

  7. Well, if that’s true, we’d still only be “plunged into a psychadelic trip” for a few minutes untill the brain dies from lack of oxygen, and poof, no DMT.
    Perhaps, but energy doesn’t have a brain, correct?

  8. Edition one of the Anarchist Cookbook gave the actual formula and directions for making it, that was back in 1970, people have known about the stuff for years, but I’ve not heard it described as glowingly as you do before. Back then “Spiritual Trips” usually referred to Peyote or LSD.
    You are, however, wrong about the trip only lasting 10 – 15 minutes, the general range was roughly equivalent to a couple of joints. I know of no drug strong enough to give the results you describe that passes through the system that fast, the human metabolism doesn’t usually work that way.

  9. Well 5-MeO-DMT’s psycho active effects do indeed last between 15-30 minutes. Although, an old friend of mine said he had once “tripped” for much, much longer. Also, when you are experiencing the effects or the “trip” from 5-MeO-DMT, 5-OH-DMT, 4-OH-DMT or “natural” DMT (NN-DMT) you have no concept of time. That same friend told me that the last time he used pure NN-DMT [(Ultra-pure dimethyltryptamine crystals extracted from Desmanthus Illinoensis and Acacia bark)(DO NOT TRY UNLESS YOU ARE A TRAINED CHEMIST!!)] taken orally with an appropriate MAOI (Banisteriopsis caapi) he had remembered living an entire lifetime from birth to death. His total trip time was less then three hours. When he came off his trip, he had a gray streak going through the his hair. It never went away.) It is the strongest drug in the world along with pure adrenichrome.Yes adrenichrome’s real, but there are only two ways to obtain it and I am not going to tell you either. Although I will say one way is done naturally. Hint: Vitamins
    But, I digress. DMT by itself is highly illegal and possession of extracted DMT is can land you in prison for a very long time. If you are soliciting or trafficking you may as well have committed a terrorist act in our governments eyes. Yet, cases of any DMT arrests are hard to find. Govt. likes to keep the whole drug hush hush. Anyways, don’t contact me about any of this. I’ve said too much already. Look shit up for yourselves. But, don’t believe everything you read. Actually, don’t believe most of it. If you want to experience the best drugs this world has to offer I got a little secret for ya’… They’re in your body. How do maximize their potential? I already told you… Vitamins. For legal purposes, my attorney has advised me to express that this is all hypothetical and completely fictional. Any likeness to truth is completely coincidental. I do not use or condone the use or sale of any illegal drug in any country.


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