Why doesn't anyone admit to the influence of Crowley and satanist practices in music and western culture?

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Aleister Crowley was an aristocratic madman who sacrificed hundreds of children to Satan and was banished from Italy. I don’t think there is any question of the profoundly negative influence his work “Magick” had on the elites of his period and which has subsisted through government actions through to today. If you’ve ever seen one of those Italian sadistic films (I saw one in an arts class at Concordia University) where young children are imprisoned as sex slaves, and forced to perform all kinds of sadistic sex acts – and are shot if they try to escape – then you know where this stuff comes from.
I’m getting some ridiculous answers like:
– “In order to be a satanic you have to believe in Christianity” [satanism includes those who DON’T believe in Christianity]
– “satan is no more real than god, Pixies or Leprechauns Grow up.” [how can anyone just ignore these people who murder children and sacrificing them to satan; rape, promote violence, drugs, etc, so that’s perfectly natural to you???]
-“Most of the time these people are joking around and that doesn’t count as true intent” [i can’t think of anything more organized than a music industry that uses Crowley explicitly and implicitly]
– I’m not trying to incriminate you if you do practice Satanism, I actually think that’s fine if you do – just try to focus on the question and please stop the personal insults – it doesn’t help answer the question.

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You dont get out much do you?

Grey Raven

So easy to “win” your argument after demonizing your opponent, isn’t it?


There’s a war under way.
Let’s do the right things for the right reasons.


Well I think Satan isn’t that evil. Evil in the real form is more evil… There is bigger evils than the Devil out there. Satan just seems so Earthly and he pokes people with sticks back into hell.
Real and true evil is when complete nations are starving while the top 1 percent own 3/4 of the Earths wealth or something like that, and I don’t think Satan has anything to do with that, or god would stop him…
The people like in these so called secret societies are so far more advanced in evil than Christan’s think they are, and they’re not worshiping Satan.. they’re just worshiping pure evil and they’re creating it in the world. Becuase evil increases power in most cases when your trying to keep it, fear creates order and so does chaos.
There are some messed up people, but the general population won’t care until their living standards are crashed by super rich madmen.
Their keeping people on drugs, alcohol and keeping families fighting and making people die in alleys when they could actually be succeeding in the world, because they supply all the drugs.
I mean the Devil is Earthbound, but there are planets being swallowed by black holes and insane crap happening out there as we speak… The devil isn’t responsible for that.
I think it’s laughable that people think a few rule the world when you see hundreds of thousands of dead unenlightened souls packing into Nascar stands drinking poison that is making them retarded (alcohol), and watching cars go around. Same with football, it’s just a team/tribe that you follow around like a primitive ape, and that’s what it’s designed to do. Sports used to be for children now they’re just converting adults into children to be taken care of by the higher ups.
It’s just so hard to explain in one sitting because there is just so much to cover.
These old world families still rule most of the world, and I’m never letting anybody tell me anything different until I find out if they are or not.
This world has 6.5 billion people on it and it’s about time for a great dying like we’ve never saw before… This exponential growth caused by the fractional banking system (And that is the ONLY thing that made this insane growth happen)… It’s going to come to an end when they want it to and all these people are going to starve…


Get over yourself. Crowley did NOT sacrifice children. You are mistaking the purpose behind Satanism.
Evil resides in the human heart. Why blame “Satan” for bad things? Are you incapable of taking responsibility for your own actions?
Crowley did inspire Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath which led to the inspiration of more recent musical works. I apologize if you think anything other than gospel is devil-inspired.


Im quite a skeptic, but recently it cant be denied that there are references to the occult and masonic ceremonies in music videos, even though I wanted to fob them off ..
as for satan, the root of the word devil isnt that slanderer or opposer.. it can simply mean opposition to the authority of the church. some feel that the satanistic practices were invented as tales by the church to create a fear of satanists who were in fact just scientific opposers.
down the line when there was a revival of satanism, the followers adopted the practices coined by the church and this is where modern day satanic rituals come from..
but this is all conjecture on my part,
I have to admit though, there is some odd symbolism out there if you look, and I dont look, but when its been pointed out to me I will deny as much as I can.. back play and so on.,. but once or twice yes, things are there.

Lea R

Crowley did far too much cocaine, heroin and booze to do much of anything.
As for his “sacrifice of hundreds of children”, you may have been watching a propaganda film denouncing him for non payment of taxes etc.
I’d really investigate mr. Crowley a bit more before accusing him of the murder of hundreds of children though.


Wow, where do I begin? It’s obvious that you’ve received your education from the University of Youtube. Yes, there is a Satanic influence in the mainstream culture. What you fail to see is that it’s more positive than your Christian propaganda. I don’t know where you got your info about Crowley sacrificing children. I’d like you to provide real evidence other than some douchebag making random claims on Youtube. There are links on my profile to REAL Satanic websites. Read them, if you have any sense of integrity, or back bone. This one is the most relevant.

Christine P

I’m sure you’ll continue on getting answers that you find ridiculous.
I think you’re referring to the occult symbolism in pop culture and on the back of the US dollar:
The Eye of Horus and Baphomet.
Most people are not aware of the symbolism that their brains are downloading whenever they watch or listen to something media-related.
Well, you know how advertising and marketing work: they use subliminal messages and images.
They are very effective.
When the public is subliminally exposed to something, they become more accustomed to it… and desensitized and brainwashed.
And, if you tell them that…. then, guess what? They get offended and defensive.

Kirra Blackhart

“sacrificed hundreds of children to Satan”
And please, not from a church propaganda site. The church disapproved of Aleister because he wasn’t brainwashed and was capable of thinking for himself.


I do not know to which extent Crowley has influenced Music but he certainly influenced western culture. HOwever, Crowley was neither a Satanist, nor did he ever sacrificed children. Despite of the wording he used, there is far more behind his obvious words. Thelema and Magick is very complex and the usual stuff you may read does not even come close to the issue. But I have to say that you can find a lot of accurate or almost accurate stuff about him, even the Wikipedia entry is kind of ok (the last time I checked). I know that some bands were influenced rather by teh public image of Crowloey than by the real Thelema/Magick. For a lot of bands it was just fancy to link themself to the supposed evil….


I do. Proudly.


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