Why does yoga make you grow taller?

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I thought it was impossible to get taller after puberty, but I’ve heard from a LOT of people that said doing yoga made them grow a couple inches. And these were people in their 20s and 30s.
How does it work? Does it decompress your spinal discs?

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Chris S

I think that maybe it just stretches you out to your full potential rather than “makes” you grow.


that is so much hokey pokey,, u cannot grow taller using yoga u may appear taller cause u aint slouching mj


its all liessss


wow….. sorry but that’s one of the silliest things i have ever heard…. and i have heard some crazy stuff! My theory on this would have to be that Yoga helps you straighten up and become more relaxed, and flexible. You probably are an inch taller when you stand up straight. Well hopes this helps!


Yoga and pilates give you a better posture qhen you walk and when you sit so you may think your a but taller bot you´re not.
I think the stretching may help younger people; to grow a bit more. But someone above 20´s no it is all about the posture.
Good luck! ;D


no form of exercise causes growth of the human skeletal system, yoga just corrects the posture for some so they appear taller.


Like the person(s) above said, both yoga and pilates improve your posture dramatically, so you’ll look and feel taller. You aren’t actually growing though.

Dr Wot

Yoga teaches you how to use your muscles differently, so many people find that their posture changes.
Because most people have a ‘collapsed’ posture, the ability to change it (easier breathing is usually what you notice) is likely to make you ‘longer’ when you stand.
(Most people are taller in the morning, because their spine has stretched out during the night.)
Yoga doesn’t really ‘decompress’ your spinal discs. But by standing differently, you help them to carry the weight more evenly.
Alexander technique also teaches you to use a different posture, and will often seem to add about an inch to your measured height (and quite a lot of extra volume to your lung capacity).
Many of the beneficial effects of postural exercise systems, are caused by the extra availability of oxygen.


Nor you just get tha disorientated wen u look in a mirror u fink ur taller.


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