"Why does whats in your head and whats inside the crystal ball become blurred when you're scrying?"?

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I’ve been scrying for about one month. I use a glass sphere. I’ve always seen things in my ball (ever since my first time). I always seemed to see smokey mistiness, then purple flashes. One night recently I saw blue which was a change. Then it became confusing – I saw a blur of faces, some quite horrifying. I then saw a big bird, like a hawk or eagle.
Problem is I don’t know if the images were in the ball or in my head. At the time I was in a trance and it seems really unclear. Now it just feels like a dream.
If these were in my head then will I ever see real complex images? I haven’t seen anymore since that night.

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My belief is that everyone can be psychic, it is innate in us, we are born with a sixth sense, but as we grow older, if we are not taught this, we learn to ignore it, due to the fact that everyone else around us relies on their other 5 senses. My point being is that your crystal ball is only a medium to help you open up your mind to what’s inside, so whether you seen the images in the ball or in your head while you were in a trance does not matter, you still saw what you were supposed to and now you have to figure out what it all means


The scrying medium is merely the focusing tool for divination. The deeper and more focused the trance the clearer the images will be.
Check out:


The ball is just a tool. When you have more practice, you can do it without. Runes, tea leaves, etc, they are all just tools, we all have our favorites though. if you are unsure what they mean, go back into a trance state and ask yourself. Since you are the one reading, you are the one that will know what it all means. That said, here is a list of color clouds that have worked for others in the past.
Blue clouds symbolize success of career or business
Gold clouds symbolize prosperity, steady cash flow, and renewed romance to come
Gray/Dark gray symbolize ill fortune
Black clouds symbolize some seriously bad stuff coming one’s way
Green clouds symbolize health, happiness of the heart
Orange clouds symbolize hidden aggression and anger, troubled emotions
Red clouds symbolize danger to come. This person must watch themselves
Silver clouds symbolize troublesome times ahead followed by goodness
White clouds symbolize very good fortune to come
Yellow clouds symbolize upcoming obstacles


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