• “Dhamma” is a Pali word. It is used primarily by teachers in the Theravadin Buddhist tradition. It is used on the website you mention because the teacher trains students in Theravada-style Buddhism.

    “Dharma” is a Sanskrit word. It is used primarily by teachers in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.

    Pali and Sanskrit were languages commonly used in the Indian subcontinent during Buddha’s time. Pali was primarily a literary language.

    Both terms have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably. They refer to the teachings of Buddha and also the ever-changing world of mental phenomena.

  • Well, it’s rather like people saying Bas Mitzvah versus Bat Mitzvah. When we’re transliterating rather than translating from different alphabet or syllabary, there are going to be regional differences in pronunciation.

  • The Buddhists who are generally Hinayana (i.e. those from Sri Lanka, etc.) refer to the Dharma as “Dhamma.” It’s the same thing.

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