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Why does the Vatican hide important information on pagan gods in the Vatican archives?

This includes information the Templar Knights found on Baphomet under the temple mount before they stared worshiping him. What does the Vatican have to hide?


  1. if its hidden then how would you know this. and they did confess this during the templar inquisition by phillip king of france AFTER they tortured them when your being tortured you will say anything they wanted the templars to confess fake things like this so the order would be abolished because it was the richest and most powerful order in christendom.

  2. 1) Why does the Vatican hide important information on pagan gods in the Vatican archives?
    How important can information on pagan gods be? Did fictional Hercules do an additional fictional task of which we have not been informed? Did fictional Odin ever get his fictional eye back?
    2) This includes information the Templar Knights found on Baphomet under the temple mount before they stared worshiping him.
    Really! It’s astounding that this hidden information is known by you, don’t you think? Are you the Pope in disguise – or did you just make this up?
    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com/

  3. The Vatican is also hiding all the chiseled-off penises from the nude male statues all over Rome. Imagine – somewhere in the Vatican, there is a drawer filled with marble penises.

  4. You realize they display all the greatest pieces of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses inside the Vatican, right?
    Having been inside the Vatican, I can say that I saw at least one hundred depictions of Greek and Roman lore. They have nothing to hide, it is a religiously historical museum, they are not required to show every piece of art they have and frankly they wouldn’t have enough room to, even if they really wanted to bring them all out.

  5. Hide may be too strong a word. Frankly, I doubt the modern religions – including the Catholic Church – are very threatened by pagan gods these days. The Vatican does have loads of information – some quite valuable from an archaeological point of view – in its archives. It also allows scholars to look through its collections. It doesn’t allow just anyone access, though – and I’m glad of that. Otherwise every crazy person and his Aunt Petunia would be rifling through historical treasures with peanut butter-laden fingers.

  6. Even IF the Templars were worshiping Baphomet (possible, perhaps, but there are at least six other ways to spin it), there is no evidence to link it with paganism. Gnosticism, perhaps, or some syncretism with esoteric Islam more likely, but not paganism. As to the more general form of your question, and I say this as someone with six altars from at least three different traditions, “important information on pagan gods”?? What important information? Just what earth-shattering secrets do you suppose the Vatican would be interested in hiding? That just sounds like a combination of paranoia and insecurity (“We’d be so much more… _important_ if they’d just stop trying to keep us down!”)

  7. People with a legitimate reason to get into the Vatican archives (scholars, historians, archaeologists, etc.) just have to apply for permission to get in, and they’re usually allowed to go. Over a thousand researchers enter the Vatican archives a year. The archives have a lot of valuable historical information, and all of it is available after a period of 75 years. The interval is set at 75 years so that those mentioned in the documents can pass away before potentially sensitive information is revealed.
    No information is hidden because it is important. All of the pagan gods worshiped by the people of Europe prior to the rise of Christianity are considered unimportant by the Catholic church and all other Christian churches, and there is literally no reason to hide information about them. It is also likely the the baphomet never existed at all. At least three different descriptions of it were given by the Templars under torture (with it being a severed head and a cat in different descriptions), and the word baphomet was originally used a corruption of the name of Islam’s founder Muhammad in a poem describing the Crusades.

  8. The Vatican maintains a copy of all material it rules sinful or heretical, simply for reference. This may very well include literature about pagan gods.
    If you said book X was evil, but didn’t have a copy of book X to read, how could you say book X was evil? The Vatican Secret Archives simply stores copies of such documents for this reason.
    Incidentally, the “Secret” in “Vatican Secret Archives” simply means “Private”, as in these being the personal records of the Pope, no different than an attorney keeping private records of his clients. It is an older definition of the word, not the modern meaning with surreptitious connotations. Most records in the archive, once fully preserved and cross referenced, are available for scholarly research.

  9. I don’t believe anyone knows for sure what the Knights Templar found under the temple mount. We can only speculate.
    Vatican was smart, because it knows that the best way to control people is by controlling information.
    My wildest dream is to be set free in the Vatican library… seriously, I fantasize that if there were ever some apocalyptic event that wiped out like 99% of the world population, I’d be heading to Rome to see if I could get into the Vatican. Can you imagine the kinds of things that might be in there?
    And that doesn’t even include any evidence against their religious beliefs that they might have destroyed.


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