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Why does pop culture often portray sex addicts as enlightened, free spirited and easy going individuals?

take Joey from Friends, he clearly had a sex addiction, then there’s the main cast of Sex and the City not to mention Steve Stifler from the American Pie movies. David Duchovney’s character in Californication, Glenn Close’s character of Damages and Courtney Cox in that recent show, which I forget the name of, added bonus if you can tell me the name of that show


  1. there is a reason for that. Its actually been said by a lot of doctors and sex therapists, that there is absolutely no such thing as sex addiction. Read this source, and think about it. It makes sense.
    “According to this movement, a sex addict is typically someone who is frequently fantasizing or doing sexual things, even despite a dislike for such. This person’s sexual behaviors are considered out of control … . for example, masturbating more than once a day. A sex addict is also one whose sexual behaviors fail to mirror his or her highest possible self.
    Besides being absolutely ridiculous, there are a number of reasons why the concept of sex addiction is nothing more than a fabrication.
    First, a basic issue with sex addiction is the term itself. The word “addiction” is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). This handbook for mental health professionals uses the term “dependence” instead.
    Second, an addiction, such as to alcohol or tobacco, is a physiological dependence. Deprived of a fix, an addict has physiological reactions, like increased heart rate or the sweats. Physiological changes take place – changes that a “sex addict” does not experience when denied sex. Thus, the addiction label is quite deceptive.
    Third, who has the right to set the standards as far as what’s “frequent” or “out of control”? We’re all sexually unique when it comes to what we do and how often. Yet this movement seems to think that we can put a fixed number on our sexual activity. Unbelievably, they also see it as their right to enforce cookie-cutter criteria when it comes to sexual pursuits.
    Lastly, another major issue with sex addiction is that it denies the “dark” side of healthy sexuality. This includes the major desire components of sex, such as:
    – The “bad” fantasies people have;
    – The ability to enjoy sex without being in love;
    – The lust for power during sexual exchanges;
    – The wanton sexual expectations people have from time to time.
    What’s infuriating is that there is nothing wrong with these components of healthy sexuality, as long as the interaction between two lovers is informed and consensual.
    But, despite being hogwash, sex addiction is catching on, thanks to its evangelists’ Jerry Springer-worthy stories.”

  2. thats a really good point.
    i think that a sex addict in real life would be a pretty miserable and hyped up person. they wouldnt be laid back because theyd always be so sexually frustrated (which often makes people quite aggressive and hostile)

  3. Why? Because there’s a marketable audience for this stuff. Look around for news articles in which Duchovney’s behavior has some grounding in real life.
    Were you thinking of the TV show, Dirt (2007-2008, TV), in which Courtney Cox played Lucy Stiller, and lasted 26 episodes?

  4. Hi there.
    Courtney Cox in “Dirt”, you mean?
    The people making the shows tend to be part of that drug-and-sex lifestyle in Hollywood themselves, so have enormous sympathy for them – you can see the contradiction in the way they treat people with faith as stupid, blind or hypocritical, as they nearlt all have no faith themselves.
    So you are right, you are being sold a lifestyle by people who, consciously or subconsciously, seeking converts.
    Cheers, Steve.

  5. Reply *1 tries to pull the wool over our eyes & draw us into the clutches of the ruthless multi-billion-dollar ‘sex industry’, which is also one of the 2 main drives behind the Web & seeks to get people addicted as addicts are the easiest to manipulate & part from their cash
    Having just seen The Wackness confirms suspicions I voiced before going: it seems, in several ways, to promote gangsta culcha &, more specifically, drug dealing, presenting it as a legit biz & way to be admired respected & even loved
    90%+ of prostitutes are drug addicts, apt to spread AIDS/STIs
    I’m frankly amazed at Ben Kingsley revelling in the role of a pathetic psychiatrist, trading sessions for drugs, with a teen client whom he gives very bad advice & example
    I’m also amazed that the 2 reviews I read didn’t comment on those aspects – or warn about the most realistic suicide attempt I’ve seen on film


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