Home Discussion Forum Why does our subconscious mind like to scare us so much?

Why does our subconscious mind like to scare us so much?


  1. Because we have all these images from television dramas in our mind, and our subconscious doesn’t understand the difference between reality and fantasy, so when we’re in the shower, it prepares us for the very likely event that a psycho killer is going to quietly sneak into our bathroom and stab us.

  2. What do you mean?
    Like paranoia or being afraid of the dark?
    Like monsters- In reality that there were animals like big cats, wolves etc that did hunt humans.
    Survival instinct.
    So… what do you mean?

  3. its not our mind, its the government
    its what our parents teach us
    its what we see on TV.
    from the beginning, as children, we’re praised to lie about gifts we dont like, etc

  4. Well… I doubt it LIKES to scare us. But it can be very entertaining sometimes.
    What happens is that as tiny children there’s always “abuse” – things that scared the crap out of us or made so SO ANGRY. Legally they might not have been “abuse” – but to us they were terrible – and we repressed them… “forgot” them – and they now lay in the unconscious – still alive – like Dracula in his coffin – waiting for night so they can get up and walk.
    And we do love to mess with these old forgotten scary things – that’s why people invented horror films – and we can all go and get really scared and scream and experience that state of anxiety and shock that we felt as tiny children – but don’t quite “remember”.
    Once you go through psychoanalysis and recover some of these lost memories, you’re a LOT harder to scare!

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