Why does no one ever tell you that schizophrenia is just your third eye opening?

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it took me 9 damned months for me to figure that out. and now i cannot even relax because i am now constantly thinking to shut the stupid nosy things up. and i cannot stop.

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Hmmmm, that’s an interesting concept! Go to a psychiatric professional and get help! Medications do work for the symptoms, you do not have to shut up the stupid noisy things alone you know.
I would not call the voices that but, then again I suppose when the voices are present you may feel quite annoyed.

scuba pants!

Oh, well you see to tell you that would be counterproductive. Doctors and those who want to ‘help’ you have to ignore the spiritual experiences of ‘mental illness’.
Now, what bothers me is that it bothers you. You cannot stop. Maybe you don’t need or want a psychiatrist, but finding someone who can help you make it stop would be a good idea. Alternative and spiritual therapies may help you calm your demons.
One must remember that schizophrenia is a progressive disease, but it is treatable if the medications are tolerable. GOod luck!


I usually say something scientific but you have already had plenty of those explainations. Most people haven’t a clue about the third eye and never do, while you figured it out in only 9 months. Schizophrenia is a neurochemical imbalance and doesn’t exclude someone from opening the third eye. I’m no doctor and am not about to tell someone they do or don’t have schizophrenia, nor that what they experience is not the third eye, but a result of a neurochemical imbalance. The third eye is like the appendix, EVERYONE has one, but very few use it. The stupid noise of the universe gets real quiet when I put on the “Full Armor of God”. OK, that sounds kind of weird. But the creator of the universe gave us this cool tip for protection and His “Helmet of Salvation” makes the noise really really quiet, often silent. It’s one of the perks of accepting Jesus Christ’s salvation and it’s in the book of Ephesians chapter 6, verses 10 thru 17.


I can tell you from personal experiace that it IS the third eye. The meds the doctors gave me closed it and when i came off them, the eye reopened and i heard things again. But then somehow god heard me crying as the evilness was doing my head in and somehow i felt all the evil pour out of me and I feel he is protecting me from the evil getting back in. I still feel my eye opened but its like the evil is banging into my eye and there is a protective shield over it so it cannot get in. I don’t know why he is helping me as I haven’t been to church since i was a child and have only read a few pages of the bible but now i do truly believe. Its amazing and hard to understand.


everyone has two minds conscious and subconsious they both do their own thinking and sometimes they dont work together, but instead one of the coniouses has problems and causes problems for both youll need meds if you are to live a good life go see doctor


@bigshot, using your construct we have 3 minds. Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious. The subconscious is the bridge between the two, it is where we create. The unconscious is the infinite, it is that which makes us one with source.


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