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why does my Healing Garden lavendar body soak smells so good while my Aura Cacia essential oil smells awful?

I use the body soak in the tub and the essential oil in the oil burner. Is that difference in smell normal? The body soak smells good and IS relaxing while the essential oil smells bad and I can’t even imagine myself using it again. It made my room smell like a witch house lol. Was Aura Cacia a bad choice?


  1. When an oil smells bad, there’s an excellent chance that it has become contaminated with bacteria, and has become rancid. I’d toss it and get a new container-full. If it IS new, then take/send it back to the place you got it and get a new one.

  2. It’s also that the bath soak is a blend of oils and has other ingredients so the lavendar smell isn’t so strong.

  3. Healing Garden is a fake lavendar. Try putting the essential oil directy in your tub. Aura Cacia is good, but there are also two different kinds of natural lavendar.
    You are just used to perfumes and not the naturals. Go with what you like!

  4. There are different types of lavender. Most of us have gotten used to the synthetic lavender. And as the response above stated some companies mix a combination of oils together. So depending upon the type of lavender smells more like medicine, but he real one is better for your skin.

  5. I love Aura Cacia lavender… it is an excellent essential oil and the scent is lovely! My personal favorite brand of essential oils that I use in my aromatherapy recipes is Wyndmere in the cobalt blue bottles. There are different kinds of lavender… I like the Lavandula vera lavender. You need to smell which one works best for you. Read the bottles to see the different types. Also, if you are putting the essential oil in your burner, is it just the essential oil, or is there water or some other carrier oil with the essential oil that is heat resistent? It could be that the lavender is burning because the heat is too high. Good luck, and enjoy the lavender!


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